Wowcher Does Zucchero’s World Buffet

They say less is more, but with a chance to try out Leicester’s premiere buffet venue I wasn’t sure I agreed. Upon approach to the city-centre venue, I was experiencing a mix of emotions – hunger and excitement being key. I was also feeling slightly apprehensive – with Zucchero’s range of freshly cooked world cuisine, how could I physically try it all? I was unsure quite how to play things… Should I begin by dishing up a plate of cultural starters – prawn crackers, spring rolls, poppadoms, samosas, nachos, salad and more? Or serve myself according to region – an Italian plate followed by an Indian plate, and a Chinese plate to finish? 

I decided to choose the latter and go straight for the main event. Being a pizza and pasta lover at heart, I piled my plate high with Italian delicacies including Zucchero’s chicken tikka pizza – this buffet was nothing if not ‘world’ after all! Next, I enjoyed Thai prawn and chicken korma curries, served with a hearty serving of rice, poppadoms, dips and samosas. Feeling on the way to full, I had to sacrifice many of the dishes at the Chinese station but couldn’t resist digging it to the duck pancakes, complete with hoi sin sauce and sliced cucumber. Whilst keeping an eye out for the venue’s food safety procedures, I was pleased to notice the chefs regularly changing the dishes to avoid high-risk foods being sat out for too long. Not only that, the salad bar stocked a range of healthy foods including tomatoes with mozzarella, Greek salad and more, which made me feel slightly better about my indulgent dinner…

A unique feature, setting Zucchero apart from many buffets, was the grill station – after perusing the foods on the display (spicy chicken fillets, paneer cheese and vegetable skewers, and fresh white fish to name but a few), a friendly member of staff grilled my selections in front of me in true Mediterranean style. The sushi bar also looked fantastic – sadly I was simply too full to try, despite it being one of my favourite foods. But of course there’s always room for pudding – we finished off at the dessert bar, where a skilled chef whipped us up pancakes and waffles with bananas and chocolate sauce. With great Trip Advisor ratings and a 5-star review from me, I can vouch for the fact that less is certainly not more!

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