Wowcher’s Top 5 Winter Sun Destinations


As winter prepares to fall around us like a cold, dark shroud, there are certain aspects of the cooler months that we can’t wait for. Christmas, New Year, cosy nights in by the fire and hot dinners with the family are all prime examples of why winter is many people’s favourite season. However, if you mourn the passing of autumn and long for sunshine and longer days, then what you need is a short break away from the cold and gloom to lavish in warmer climes. Once you’ve decided that a temporary exodus from Britain is needed, then comes the next conundrum of where on earth should you go to enjoy a little sun and warmth in the depths of winter, without forking out an arm and a leg to get there? Here is Wowcher’s guide to the top destinations for getting that little bit of much needed winter sun…


Marrakesh, Morocco

Known as a hub of African, Islamic and European cultures, Marrakesh is a rare example of an inland city destination that caters perfectly to both sun-seekers and culture vultures. A thriving hub of chaotic culture, from the frenetic activity of the market souks to the laid back luxury of the hotels, restaurants and shisha bars, Marrakesh is a must-visit city for anyone in search of a unique, North African adventure. The Djemaa El-Fna, the main market square is the epicentre of the city’s cultural life, making it a compulsory visit whilst you’re in Marrakesh. Also of interest is the historical Koutoubia Mosque and the opulent and impressive Saadian Tombs, showcasing the very finest in Islamic architecture and art.

blog-marrakesh-two  Why go there?

The thrilling atmosphere of a capital city that offers everything a modern traveller needs whilst also revelling in it’s fascinating past, incredible traditions and unique culture, all with a balmy warm temperature even in the depths of winter.

January high temperature: 19°C

Flight time: 3 hours 40 mins

Wowcher have previously offered three nights in Marrakesh, including return flights, for just £99pp. Now that’s a winter sun offer you can’t ignore!


Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town offers visitors sun, sea and sand as well as an excellent introduction to the unique culture and lifestyle of South Africa. Plus, with only two hours of time difference you can enjoy a long haul break at the other end of the world without the perils of jet-lag. As a city, Cape Town offers visitors all the luxuries of a modern, cosmopolitan centre as well as the charms of a smaller, older metropolis, with subtle yet beautiful period architecture, not to mention the stunning views from the top of Table Mountain, located within the city limits. Situated by the sea, Cape Town offers tourists pristine golden sand beaches and amazing opportunities for activities such as surfing and even swimming with sharks (you’d be safely in a cage, never fear). As the seat of Parliament, Cape Town acts as a the legislative capital of South Africa, and has a fascinating, albeit at times dark, history, well worth exploring with trips to the city’s museums and the former prison on Robben Island.


Why go there?

The perfect mix of sun and sand, along with a rich and fascinating history and captivating landscape.

January high temperature: 28°C

Flight time: 11 hours 30 mins

Back in August, Wowcher offered eight nights in Cape Town with car hire and a coastal tour for just £479pp. What a way to explore an incredible country!



Set in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Turkey and to the west of Lebanon, Cyprus offers Britain’s pale and pasty, winter weary travellers a dose of all the essentials; sun, sea and sand in one go! From the famous night life or Paphos to the beaches of Serena Bay and White Rocks, Cyprus is well catered for in the relaxation and sun-tanning department. If you wish to venture a little further than that the golden sand beaches, balmy Mediterranean Sea and the plentiful bars and restaurants of the Island, the Cyprus is also a treasure trove of cultural history. As an island with a long history of invasion and occupation, there is evidence in abundance of many different civilisations, from the Ancient Greeks to Turkish Muslims, via the Byzantines and early Christians. Even if history bores you, and you’re more interested in romance, then you’d do well to pay a visit to Petra tou Romiou, or Aphrodite’s Rock, near Paphos. The rock is, according to Greek myth, the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Trust us, love-seekers, you’d do well to have her on your side.


Why go there?

Of all our winter sun recommendations, Cyprus is one of the most accessible and the cheapest from the UK. If you’re looking to gain a January tan on a budget with plenty of options for cultural excursions, then make for the Mediterranean!

January high temperature: 17°C

Flight time: 4 hours 30 mins

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Dubai, UAE

In the last 20 years, the Emirate of Dubai has emerged not only as one of the leading business and real-estate hotspots in the world, but also as a prime destination for sun, sea and sand winter holidays. Home to the world’s tallest building, the imposing Burj Khalifa, Dubai boasts some of the world’s most incredible buildings and is famed as a magnet for the rich, famous and wealthy. With high temperatures the year round, Dubai is an ideal destination to escape the winter blues of Britain and take in some sun. Known as a hub of opulence, Dubai is home to a large variety of luxury hotels, catering to your every need and allowing you to relax in peace.


Why go there?

One of the world’s top destinations for sheer indulgent relaxation, with sun, sea and sand, soaring temperatures, unparalleled shopping opportunities and futuristic architecture.

January high temperature: 23°C

Flight time: 7 hours

Back in August, Wowcher offered a three-night beach break to Dubai including direct return flights in February for just £549pp. Pack your flip flops and sun cream and head to Dubai for a feast of the Middle East!


Cancun, Mexico

Sitting on the easterly most tip of Mexico, at the meeting point of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, Cancun is a popular destination for holidaymakers seeking both sun and culture. The aquamarine waters, white sand beaches and plentiful palm trees create a paradise-like backdrop to any break and with winter temperatures of up to 28°C, you will not be short of sun. As well as the all-inclusive hotels and long beaches that dominate the Cancun waterfront, the area is also known as a hub of natural beauty. The nearby Reserva de la Biósfera Sian-Ka’an is a UNESCO world heritage site and features tropical forests, mangroves and marshes that are home to hundreds of incredible species of incredible animals and birds. As well as relaxation and nature, Cancun is well known for its restaurants and night life, with jazz clubs and seafood restaurants to rival anywhere in the

Why go there?

White sand beaches, palm trees, exotic animals and amazing culture and nightlife make Cancun a prized destination for a winter break.

January high temperature: 28°C

Flight time: 11 hours


So there you have it, the Wowcher guide to the top winter sun destinations! For amazing offers on holidays to these and many more enticing destinations over the winter and beyond, make sure you stay with!