Wowcher’s Guide To: Massages

From Swedish to Shiatsu, the minefield of having a massage can be a confusing and overwhelming place. Love the idea of treating yourself but unsure which type to choose? Luckily, Wowcher is here to rescue every damsel in distress!

Somewhere between the morning commute, putting the kids to bed and your work-to-weekend antics, time for R&R becomes few and far between. Yet we firmly believe that pampering is a rite of massage and that’s why we’ve put together an insider’s guide to the best treatments on the market! Aaaaaaaaaand relax…


So you’ve heard of the infamous art of ‘aromatherapy’, right? But what does it actually mean, and most importantly, how can it benefit you? This uplifting treatment uses essential oils as a healing and relaxing technique. Dating back to ancient Egypt, Greece and Italy, the room will be filled with a scent to help you relax and invigorate your energy centre. With each oil having its own unique qualities, your massage can be tailored to your own personal preferences and needs. Well, if it was good enough for Cleopatra…

Perfect for: Alleviating pain and regulating your mood


Arguably one of the most widely known forms of massage therapy, the Swedish massage uses five styles of long, flowing strokes. Based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, your experienced therapist will lubricate your skin with oil, as the movements warm up the muscle tissue and gradually break those tightened knots. Never had a massage before? This is the perfect place to start, as it is both gentle and relaxing. Tip: If you only have 50 minutes or less to spare, speak to your therapist and ask her to spend more time on an area of your choice before you begin!

Perfect for: Helping joint stiffness, increasing flexibility and improving circulation


If you’re thinking this treatment is solely for the Pendletons and Ennis’ of the world, think again! A sports massage is beneficial for anyone who is active or regularly works out. Here, the focus isn’t so much on relaxation but on preventing and treating injuries whilst improving your athletic performance. Generally much faster than Swedish massage, those aches and pains will disappear faster than you can say Usain.

Perfect for: Preventing and treating injuries, as well as loosening muscles


Envisioning burning hot coals and flame-induced discomfort? You may be slightly mistaken… This traditional Native American practice uses smooth, heated stones placed along the lengths of your spine, whilst the therapist massages the surrounding areas. Soothing no matter what the season, the combination of warmth and pressure can create a deeply relaxing sensation whilst helping to ease tightened areas. If you’re suffering from muscle tension but prefer a lighter massage, there’s no better choice.

Perfect for: Clearing your mind and soothing muscular tensions


Escape to the shores of Ko Phangan in a single treatment with a revitalising Thai massage. Aligning the energies of the body using gentle pressure on specific points, it also includes delicate compressions and stretches. Don’t expect to just lie there, however – the therapist moves and stretches you into a sequence of postures (so be sure to wear loose-fitting clothes). The most energising of massages, it’s similar to yoga without doing any of the work! Paradise, found.

Perfect for: Improving flexibility, range of motion and energising yourself

Et voila! A simple but essential guide to five must-try massages. For the latest health and well-being deals at stress-busting prices, keep updated and rejuvenated with!