Wowcher’s Guide To Halloween Costumes


Need some last minute Halloween costume inspiration? You’ve come to the right place…

  1. Karen from ‘Mean Girls’.
    'I'm a mouse, duh!'

    ‘I’m a mouse, duh!’

    You’ll just need a pair of mouse ears, blonde wig and constant vacant stare for this one.

  2. Zombie Minnie Mouse

    If you think this is bad, you should see what happened to Mickey…

    Throw on anything polka dot and then go wild with the make up. Need a little help? Then head to a two hour Halloween SFX makeup masterclass with Wowcher!

  3. Your nana

    Complete with a GILF-mobile to carry your hard-boiled sweets and gin.

    Raid your nana’s wardrobe, put in some rollers and go nuts with some dry shampoo or talcum powder and you’ll be ready for a pensioner’s bus pass. Not that you’ll need one with your wheelbarrow/GILF-mobile…

  4. Bananas in Pyjamas

    ‘Bananas in pyjamas are running down the stairs. Bananas in pyjamas are coming down in pairs…’

    This outfit requires minimal effort. Just roll up in your jim-jams and whack on a cardboard mask!

  5. Lego

    ‘I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, singing AAA-OH, I’m a LE-GO…’

    Get creative with some cardboard and yellow paint, but don’t forget the eye holes for the love of God…

  6. Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable and the Naked Mole Rat

    A perfect way to use up all that flesh-coloured spandex we have lying around…

    You’ll need an orange wig, black crop top and combat trousers for Kim, a blonde wig and polo for Ron and some Spanx and a bald cap for the mole rat. You’ll also need some serious guts and a big pair of pumpkins to pull this one off! (But not literally and especially not in those Spanx. Some things are better left to the imagination…)

  7. Beast and Mystique from X-Men

    Be warned: This will leave you washing out ‘blue’ for WEEKS after Halloween.

    You’ll need blue paint, and some more blue paint, and then just a little more blue paint after that. Then grab some red hair spray for Mystique and some glasses and fangs for Beast and you’re done!

  8. A hat stand

    ‘They said I could be anything, so I became a hat stand.’

    Hats. You just needs hats.

  9. Dead prom King and Queen
    dead prom king and queen

    How we probably all looked after prom, am I right?

    Rip up your old prom dress, cover yourself in fake blood and make a couple of sashes. You’ll also need to stop off at Burger King for a couple of cardboard crowns and a burger (or ten) to line your stomach…

  10. A Mexican

    /the guy from the Doritos ad

    For this one you just need a Mexican hat and fake tash. Bag of Doritos is optional.

  11. Lil Wayne

    Don’t cover your face, things could be worse! You could be Lil Wayne…

    Simply requires some tin foil for grills, eye liner for tattoos and plaits for dreadlocks. Voilà!

Now you’ve got some costume inspiration, you need to figure out where you’ll spend the spooky holiday. As luck would have it, we’ve got that sorted too! All you single ladies can head on a haunted singles’ bar crawl or a ‘Lock and Key’ speed dating party, where you could meet Mr. Right or Mr. You’ll Do For Tonight while having a fright. Alternatively, pop along to the PhoboPhobia Live Halloween Show at The London Bridge Experience, winner of best year-round UK scare attraction for the past 5 years. With loads more Halloween events currently on site such as Tulleys The Howl Scream Park at Mead Open Farm and the ‘Halloween Party for Essex’ (featuring S Club!), we’ve got Halloween well and truly sorted for a fraction of the price.

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