Wowcher’s Guide To: Festival Fashion

If the star-studded snaps of this year’s Coachella have left you questioning whether your go-to waterproof cagoule is as practi-cool as you think, fear not: there’s still time to salvage your festival wardrobe. Our home-grown festivals might not promise the scorching sun of the California desert, but our British spirit (not to mention our unparalleled – if at times eccentric – fashion sense) always manages to shine through instead. So whether you’re a Glastonbury goer or a V-Fest veteran, we’ve hand-picked a wish list covering all your backpack essentials to celebrate the start of the festival season! 

Fancy Footwork
Unless you’re jetting off to the continent to get your festival fix, you’ll be stricken with the age-old dilemma that returns year after year: Sandals or wellies? Trampled toes are no fun, but neither is trench foot, so we suggest bringing both. You’ll be glad you packed your jelly sandals if the sun shows its estranged face, while your wellies will be well-received if rain does flood every field to Biblical proportions.

Prints Charming
If your festival attire has ever been mistaken for a spare sleeping bag (yes, we mean that khaki cape), consider achieving the boho look another way. This year’s Coachella catwalk was brimming with prints, from floral and tropical flourishes to Aztec and geometric shapes. Our verdict? If it’s patterned, put it on! Whether you flaunt your flesh with a cute crop top, strut your stuff in psychedelic leggings or cover up with a tunic top, your festival frolics will be as colourful as a Rubik’s Cube.


Psychedelic leggings perfect for strutting your stuff in!

Which Watch?
Your phone battery is long dead and gone, and the last time you saw your friends they were swigging cider by the litre whilst being swept away by a stampede of brightly-coloured leggings. To top it all off, you have no idea whether you’re due at the Pyramid Stage for tonight’s headliner… What do you do? Check the time – duh! With a watch on your wrist and festival programme in your hand you’ll never miss a precious set again, mates or no mates. Chunky styles are big on our list this season, along with classic watch designs. Not keen on arm candy? If you’re determined to stare at the sun to figure out the time, make sure you do so wearing a pair of stylish sunnies – those UV rays won’t filter themselves!

Rainbow Waves
Let’s face it, you’ll never emerge from a festival with a glossy mop of locks on your head after roughing it (unless you’re some sort of grease-repelling hair magician). But rather than hiding behind a beanie all weekend, we suggest you embrace every speck of grime on that slippery head of yours. After all, when else can you get away with less-than-fresh tresses? The best distraction from grease-drenched roots is to dress them up with a lick of colour. If you’d rather not go permanent, hair chalks are easily applied by simply rubbing through the hair and can be washed out as soon as you have access to a (lo and behold!) shower. Take a few shades with you to create vibrant highlights or blend colours from the tip upwards for a multi-tone dip dye effect. Finish off by backcombing your barnet and voila! Grease concealed.

Armed with your fabulous new wardrobe, you don’t want to be all dressed up with nowhere to go, so if you haven’t already got a festival in the pipeline, check our local deals to find one near you. And our top tip of them all? Whatever you wear, don’t forget to enjoy the music!

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