Wowcher’s Guide To Beach Etiquette

Whether you’re snorkelling in Mauritius or enjoying a 99 Flake in Margate, the seaside can be great summer fun or a series of embarrassing mishaps. From vacations to stay-cations, we’ve rounded up the universal code of conduct when it comes to that all-important beach etiquette…

Personal Space
The music, the food, the impromptu Volleyball matches… there isn’t much of a finer time than a trip to the beach with friends. However, there’s nothing worse than when someone treats the coastline as if it’s their very own. We’re talking booming portable speakers, towels taking up too much space and sandcastles built in high traffic areas. Do you happen to be Sir Richard Branson on Neckar Island…? We thought as much, now turn it down – or just get a Mini MP3 Player instead! 

All Scream for Sunscreen
We’ve all seen it. The beetroot-toned-Brit donning the Union Jack shorts – a staple sight of the Costa Del coastline. As well as being a tragic representation of our country, let their (quite literally) painful mistake serve as a lesson to us all – sun cream is a necessity! We recommend stocking up for both home and away with a Malibu Sun Lotion Kit – perfect for preparing for the worse no matter what the forecast.

An 8-piece Malibu Sun Holiday Essentials Kit

Poolside Panache
When it comes to choosing your swimwear, both safety and common decency are things to keep in mind. Unless you’re attending the World Cup this year (or Copacabana for that matter) there probably isn’t an excuse for that dental floss thong or pair of Speedos straight out of the 70s. Searching for a way to be sun kissed without looking overly sexualised? Look no further than a tan through bikini. Yes, you read that correctly, it is possible to keep your modesty AND gain an even, glowing skin tone. You’re welcome!

Beach PDA
Summer loving may well be having a blast – but we can tell you now, NOBODY wants to see your bedroom activities staged on the sand. Just because it worked for Kim Kardashian, does not mean it will work for you. Keep your holiday movies PG and ‘get active’ in a different sense with an outdoor games set – fun in the sun and a family friendly way to get fit!

Don’t Feed The Animals
Sure, we all loved Mary Poppins, but feeding the birds is so 1964. While you may think a harmless chip here or there won’t ruffle anyone’s feathers, cue a swarm of seagulls and the sky will soon be a scene reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Let’s face it, it’s not just squawking creatures that cause summertime problems. Tired of smothering yourself in anti-mosquito sprays to no avail? Why not try an inexpensive and highly effective mosquito repellent band?

There you have it, our definitive rules for both this summer and beyond. Keep an eye out for your every beach essential on with new, innovative and exciting items being added daily! Please note – all deals featured may not be live.