Wowcher’s Guide To Surviving Valentine’s Day, Anti-Valentine’s Style…


There’s two types of people in this world: those who celebrate Valentine’s Day with gifts, candle-lit dinners, romantic getaways – the whole sh-bang – and those who squirm at the very mention of this loved-up celebration. As the Valentine’s Day-themed Wowchers have recently become a hot topic in the office, the divide between the lovers and loathers has become clear. As a fellow loather, I believe it is important that we take control of the smushy situation and so my gift to you, whether you’re loved up or a single pringle, is a guide on how to survive the day anti-Valentine’s style.

Make a statement with an Anti-Valentine’s Day party

You’ll be surprised at how many of your friends and family also feel sick at the thought of the V word, so what better way to get through the day than by being cynical together! For the best effect, take your inspiration from the idea of divorce parties. Decorate your party pad with black roses, offer edible goodies with break-up related decorations, boogie on down to love-loathing tunes and take your frustration out on a heart-shaped piñata. Your guests will want to celebrate not celebrating Valentine’s Day every year!

Spread the love

Whilst you’re not buying into the lovey-dovey stuff, there’s no denying that some people dream of celebrating the day with a loved one! We recommend that instead of being pressured by friends to go on a blind date or taking cover under a pillow fort in your living room, spread the love to those who need it! A simple act of kindness can make even the most heartbroken victims crack a smile. Make V-day your day to care for those that would really appreciate it.

Celebrate the departure of an ex

With Valentine’s Day looming, you’ve sobbed, analysed every possible break-up detail with your best buds and ploughed through enough ice cream to even make your pals Ben and Jerry feel sick! You probably still have your ex’s stuff lingering around that you haven’t been able to ditch. Well, today is the day! Sell their goodies and treat yourself to something pretty or hit the town with your friends. I’m sure dinner and cocktails with your best pals will make you feel better than hugging an old hoodie and listening to your former other half’s awful CDs!

Survivable dates for couples

So Cupid has worked his magic and you’ve found the one, but there’s only one problem – your partner is expecting a Valentine’s Day to remember and you’d rather ignore the 14th February completely. So how do you make your Valentine’s bearable? Well how about taking your loved one out for brunch! You’ll miss the crazy couples rush that evening and your duties will be done before lunchtime, perfect. Or, consider something you’ll both find fun. Perhaps karaoke, mini-golf or go-karting? Let’s face it, you’re running the risk of getting a smacked nose from your loved one so you might as well make the telling-off worthwhile!

A singleton’s night in

If all of your buddies are loved up, and you can’t bear the thought of saying yes to a cheesy Valentine’s date, take full advantage of being able to spend a night in with your cat in your pyjamas. Treat yourself to a take away or buy that box of chocolates you would have given to your date and eat the whole box in front of the telly. Here’s a word of warning though – avoid the rom-coms channel at all costs, or you’ll run the risk of having an allergic reaction to the soppy scenes and songs!

To the V-day loathers out there, I wish you luck as the dreaded day draws closer.