Wowcher’s Dating Do’s & Dont’s!

Waiting at a ‘trendy bar’ in High Street Kensington, cosmopolitan in hand, I check my face in the mirrored ash tray. The ‘sultry effect’ I was aiming for looks more bedbound rat than bedhead vixen. ‘Can I really do this?’ I ask myself. What if I get something down my top? Or God forbid, in my teeth?

As you may have guessed, I’m about to endure a meet-and-greet with a complete stranger. Something that Wikipedia calls, ‘a form of courtship done by two people,’ and an act which American psychologist Debby Herbenick warns may cause ‘anxiety-induced stress levels.’ Whichever way you wish to spin it, I’m basically preparing myself for an ‘awks’ blind date. And I’m absolutely bricking it.

Ten minutes in, and I’m already blabbering. “I’m a big, err, fish person,” I hear myself spouting. Clammy hands, flushed cheeks, and a mouth that just keeps on going. I’ve got it all, and it’s not a good look…

So if, like me, you need some tips on how to stay cool, calm and effortlessly collected in the dating game, we’ve compiled a list of dating etiquette rules. Listen, and learn…

Five Golden Dating Rules

1. Don’t drink too much. Look, you’ve got to pretend you’re a classy lady here. That means no double vodkas, Jäger Bombs, or bottles of Pinot Grigio. Well, maybe one to share – if it’s going. Seriously though, while alcohol can make us lose our inhibitions, too much can leave us feeling vulnerable. Stick to what you can handle, and enjoy the night for what it is: getting to know a new face, sober-ish.

2. Dress to impress but don’t overdo it. I made the error of wearing too much make-up, sky-high heels and a little leather number I couldn’t walk in, let alone sit down in. Sure, it may look hawt during the mirror-check, but is it practical?

3. Hear yourself spouting nonsense? Let your date take the reins. Blah, blah, blah. We get it, you’re nervous. But don’t let the environment cloud your judgment. Without the dim lights and pumpin’ RnB classics, would you really reveal Lil’ Kim as your ‘inspirational female hottie’? We thought not…

4. Don’t talk about the Ex-Files. Here at Wowcher, we’re undecided on this one. While it’s probably not a good idea to list your ex-boyfriend’s favourite films over a date to the cinema, it’s only natural – and inevitable – that the ‘past relationship situ’ will crop up. So save it for when the time’s right.

5. Don’t dominate the conversation. ME! ME! ME! Change the record, babe. Be confident in yourself (yes, we know, we sound preachy) but it’s a sure way of revealing your best bits.

Needless to say, my blind date called it a night. Or did I? After the fourth cosmo, it’s all a bit of a fermented haze. Make sure you don’t commit my dating offences, and be sure to stick to Wowcher’s rules.