Wowcher vs Oucher: Makeup



With video tutorials and step-by-step guides teaching you how to look like everyone from Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift, we believe makeup isn’t about what you apply but how you apply it.

Rather than forking out on expensive products and hoping for the best, we encourage a thrifty attitude to beauty that makes the most of technique and application. Do some research, take an online course or attend a makeup workshop to get to grips with the basics, and soon you’ll be comfortable creating new looks with bolder palettes. It could transform even your most well-worn outfits into a brand new look!


First things first – if you’re going to try out new makeup looks, you’re going to need a proper set of tools! Forget those old spongy eyeshadow applicators crumbling in the bottom of your makeup bag (you know who you are…) and get your hands on this 10-piece bamboo kabuki makeup brush set. With everything you need to apply your whole face, from the everyday base to more fabulous finishing touches, these bargain brushes hold their own in a market of pricey products, such as this Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection. Handmade with super soft bristles and natural bamboo handles, they even come with a handy case, so they’re perfect for showing off your new-found skills on the go!


Girls con-tour!

The rise of contouring doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. A favourite of the glamorous Kardashian sisters, it’s the perfect way to sculpt razor-sharp cheekbones to rival Mossy’s, define your jawline and even create a thinner-looking nose.

With both cream and powder palettes on offer, we suggest you stick with what works for you. If you’re used to a mineral foundation (a better option for oily skin), we reckon you’d be best off adding shading using powders too. Take this Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit, for instance – it’s great for adding definition, but doesn’t hold up against our XL powder contouring palette with a whopping six shades to help you on your quest to chiselled cheekbones!

Those of you with drier skin might want to veer away from powders, which can dehydrate and highlight flaky, cracked skin. This cream-based palette may be the ideal alternative. It boasts 15 brilliant shades, and it comes with a set of bamboo eye makeup brushes too!

Come out of the shadows!

When the time comes to get your glad-rags on, we reckon it’s about what feels good, and if that classic LBD is still the one, who are we to stand in the way of true love? We simply suggest you give that well-loved and well-worn garment a face lift – your face, to be precise! We’re firm believers that doing something different to your everyday makeup routine when it really counts can update your look in an instant.


Add a pop of colour to your eyes, bring a plain outfit to life and rock a look that really shows you’re confident! Take this 120-colour eyeshadow palette, for example: with so many colour combinations to experiment with, it’s the perfect addition to your makeup collection. With bright colours similar to this Urban Decay Vice palette (but with even more variety and colour options), we think it’s a steal!

Whet your palette

If bright colours are going too far when it comes to stepping outside of the makeup box, take it down a notch with a look that’s less striking and more smoking! How about one of these W7 eyeshadow palettes for an understated, smoky smoulder that still packs plenty of drama? With five different palettes to choose from, it’s a no brainer when compared with the popular (yet pricey) Urban Decay Naked Palettes.


If you’re simply not quite ready to tackle bolder looks then don’t worry, a neutral nude or some glam glitter can still add definition to the eye, with less chance of a makeup mishap! These glitter eyeshadow palettes can add a sweep of colour and a touch of sparkle to vamp up any look. With two palettes made from a combination of neutral and subtle colour shades (similar to those featured in Urban Decay’s Moondust collection), we think they’re a sure-fire winner given they can all be found in one pretty palette!

Get in line

Eyeshadow demands a little skill to put together killer colour combinations and blend to perfection. So if you’re looking to experiment with colour but fear the outcome may be more eyeshad-oh-dear-god, we think we might just have the answer. This fabulous set of 24 eye and lip liners combine the basic blacks, browns and grey eyeliners with a gorgeous green, blue, purple and even a couple of metallics for good measure. Similar to the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, we think these colours are much more wearable, not to mention super versatile for makeup newbies.


Cleverly selected to mix and match with most lip colours, the orange, nude, pink, red and brown lip liners can be paired with a variety of lipsticks, glosses and tints to produce a pout you’re truly proud of. Take these Maxfactor Lipfinity lip tints and these NYC Lipsticks – they’re an ideal way to quickly transform your everyday makeup look to an evening showstopper, adding an injection of glamour in a flash. Gorgeous!

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