Wowcher Reviews The Roxy Bar & Screen


Are you in the mood for a dinner and a movie, but can’t stand the hassle of making plans at two venues? Well, now you don’t have to! Wowcher is offering a dinner and a movie package from The Roxy Bar & Screen, and this week, Wowcher tried it before you …buy-ed it. Hailed as “one of the best five cinemas in London,” by Time Out, this London Bridge bar has been converted to include a private cinema, and would make a great date or night out with friends!

The Roxy has a shabby-chic feel; it’s the kind of cinema that looks great, but also makes you feel instantly at home and resisting the urge to put your feet up! Velvet chairs, red leather sofas, and plush booths all give it a slightly vintage (but still very swanky) feel to it. I took advantage of this deal with my friend Scott on a Thursday, for a viewing of the live-action Jungle Book movie. With about 50 other people there, the place was by no means packed, which made for a pleasant atmosphere.

This deal includes your choice of starter, burger, and dessert. The burger options were interesting, with a choice of beef, chicken, and an apple and sweet potato patty. We opted for the tempura prawn and fried camembert starters, which were delicious.


I recommend getting there early enough to eat before the movie starts; seating is unassigned, and works on a first-come-first-served basis. By the time I arrived, a lot of people were already midway through their meals. When we finally ordered, the Roxy was busier, so our starters didn’t arrive together, and our burgers came after the movie had started (which meant eating in the dark, after the lights went down).  It also meant that the waitress had difficulty finding us when our desserts (ice cream and crème brulee, delicious!) were brought out. Or if the idea of eating in the dark sounds quite appealing to you (you can eat as messily as you like when no one can see your face!) make sure you come prepared with clothes you don’t mind spilling the odd bit of ketchup over…

The theatre itself is not massive, which I liked as it meant we weren’t packed in with hundreds of other people, and you could talk to your friend softly without bothering your neighbours. However, no table service for drinks means you’ll have to nip to the bar or order before the movie starts.

The Roxy shows movies seven days a week, and is currently showing movies like The Girl On the Train and Finding Dory. If you’re looking to take advantage of a great night out, check out Wowcher’s offer here.