Wowcher Reviews Smooth You Town Spa


As kids, we all learned the rules of the road: stop, look and listen. For the blog this week, I went on a mission to Smooth You Town Spa to find out all about the rules of hair… cut, blow dry and condition!

Going for the chop can be risky business and sitting for hours, making awkward small talk then grimacing as your hairdresser completely misunderstands what you asked for, is no-one’s idea of fun. A quick snip at the dodgy salon on your road will do on occasion, but when it’s a big job, I trust no-one but the best.

Walking into Smooth You’s establishment on Dalston Square, it’s clear I’ve found it. From gleaming glass windows, gorgeous lighting and polished marble floors, everything about the place oozes sophistication – no wonder they won Spa of the Year at this year’s London Hair and Beauty Awards. I’m greeted by a friendly receptionist, and head over to the waiting area, complete with flowers and magazines, to admire the selection of products on offer while feeling pretty embarrassed of my grown-out, frizzy mess.

Before long, I’m bounded up to by the world’s friendliest hairdresser. He coos a hello, and we start talking hair. I tell him what I’m after – a choppy, shoulder-length bob with movement and a bit of a fringe in the front. He nods and turns his head, agreeing something like that would suit my face shape, and before long we’re off to the sinks to start showing my barnet some love.

I’ll spare you a before photo, but it’s worth mentioning the state of my hair pre-Smooth You. Dry, damaged, shapeless and ten different colours from years of sloppy bottle bleaching. I apologise profusely to my stylist as he begins the work of de-tangling it, but he’s optimistic. During a course of purple shampoo and conditioner (twice) as well as a softening conditioning treatment (left on for a good few minutes), we talk the ins and outs of good haircare (and good at-home dying etiquette). Did you know bleach has more of an effect the closer to your head it is, because the heat speeds up the lightening process? Now I do, and am under solemn oath to never let my roots grow longer than a centimetre and a half. With my hair more uniformly coloured and softer than it’s been in years, we head over to the chairs for more haircare heaven.

No awkward holiday chat at Smooth You – me and my stylist have a great time chatting tattoos, piercings and London life as he expertly snips away. A far cry from experiences I’ve had elsewhere, I’m giggling so much he has to remind me to keep my head still, and it’s clear my stylist is a total expert. He asks constant questions about what I want, and gently advising me that the length of fringe I’m after might not be the best, as it turns out I’ve got a grand total of three cowlicks, one in the middle of my forehead. Great.

The cut begins to take shape

The cut begins to take shape

After the cut comes the blow dry – a process so mystical to me I ply my stylist with questions about how to get the best result (a round, bristled brush and low heat, apparently) – and application of the Best Smelling Hair Stuff in the World. L’Oréal Mythic Oil. Seriously. The curling wand comes out to give the look a bit of bounce, before my hairdressy-gown-thing is whisked away, revealing the best haircut I’ve ever had! I look like Taylor Swift. It’s incredible.

The experience at Smooth You Town Spa was a luxury and a pleasure from start to finish, and I’ve never dreamed that my poor hair could look and feel this good. The care, professionalism and unbelievable amount of knowledge my stylist had was so impressive, and really made me feel like my cut was tailored exactly to me.  My hair is thanking me, and I’m thanking Smooth You. It’s a love story, baby, just say… Yes!

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