Wowcher Reviews Bottomless Brunch at the London Elizabeth

botomless-brunchsarah watson

When you think of the term ‘brunch’, what comes to mind? An eggstravagant event in one’s social calendar, where drunken stories from the night before are exchanged over some poached eggs and OJ? Well, now it seems ‘brunch’ is an overused and clichéd thing to do in London. I mean, eggs are eggs, whether they’re Benedict, Royale or Florentine. It seems that what was once considered a decadent, eggsciting affair is now just a late, sad breakfast if it doesn’t come with a tipple or two, or three…


brunch2Enter the London Elizabeth hotel. Located right at the edge of the stunning Hyde Park and opposite Lancaster Gate underground station, this charming hotel offers brunch with a difference. A two-course bottomless brunch complete with one and a half hours of free-flowing Prosecco, to be exact. Where do we sign up?!

Now, we’re not advocating that alcohol makes brunch better. But it does help liven up the dining experience. Never before has day drinking been so acceptable – in moderation, of course. Luckily, Chris and I were given the audacious task of reviewing said brunch. Oh, what a burden!

brunch3brunch4Set in the lavish Rose Garden restaurant, a quaint alcove that exudes 18th century glamour with its chic chandeliers and magnificent paintings, I knew that this brunch would be a luxurious experience. Taking in the relaxed ambience, I sat down waiting for Chris on a four-person table, surrounded by girlfriends laughing, Instagramming and downing their Prosecco for what felt like forever, when that dreaded thought dawned on me. Is this review going to be a one-man show? Was I being stood up? Then he finally wandered in – turns out Chris was sitting in the hotel’s lavish reception taking photos all along. Classic designer for you.


brunch6Miscommunication and standing-ups aside, once Chris joined me, a waitress came over and gave us the menu. Yup. There were the eggs. It’s actually no yolk when it comes to brunching. With other delicious dishes such as a full English breakfast and waffles on offer, what did we do? We cracked on and went for the eggs. (Note, I have nothing against eggs – in fact I love them – but why are they always taking centre stage on a brunch menu?) It took us only a few seconds to decide what we wanted: Chris fancied the Eggs Benedict, and I went for the Royale.

brunch7brunch8Before we knew it, our food had arrived. I have to admit, both of us were surprised with the side of salad that was on our plates. Breakfast with salad? However, both of us enjoyed our courses. Gently poached, the eggs were lovely and soft. The muffins were nicely toasted and the hollandaise sauce added that extra kick of flavour. There was also a generous amount of smoked salmon and ham with our eggs, and I was really surprised at how filling they were!


Next up was dessert. Now this was a hard choice. Do we be greedy and share a homemade cake (meant for six to eight people) and another sweet treat? Or do we actually listen to our now full gut, and actually be able to finish our desserts? After a couple of painstaking minutes trying to decide, Chris chose the homemade cheesecake and I went for a freshly made pancake.

brunch10 brunch11When Chris’ cheesecake arrived, I have to say, I had major food envy. Of course, my pancake was delicious – the drizzle of chocolate sauce adhered to my sweet tooth and the blackberry added an extra zing to my tastebuds, but Chris’ cheesecake was something else. With a soft cake base for a quirky touch, the cheesecake had a custard-like top layer and seemed very light, despite it being a huge slice.

With one last topping up of our Prosecco, we both agreed it was a delicious dining experience. The food was sumptuous and tasty, and our bottomless brunch had a set us up on a high for the day.

Whether it’s an excuse to catch up with your girlfriends, a treat for your mum, or an excuse to get merry with your man, it seems that bottomless brunches are the latest breakfast trend that have sent the standard brunch scrambling. Or should we say poached?

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