Wowcher Does… Movember: Week Two


Week two of the Great* Wowcher Movember Pledge of 2017 and already a deep malaise has set in. While the ‘taches themselves are sporadically impressive, the last week has seen it increasingly hard to avoid the fact that we have to live with this for over two more weeks. We’re not even half way yet. We committed to this hairy nightmare, and we still have to bear the brunt of the burden. Help us stave off the madness by donating here.

Movember exists to raise awareness of various men’s health issues facing us in 2017, from prostate cancer to testicular cancer to poor mental wellbeing. The foundation aims to halve the number of deaths by prostate and testicular cancer by 2030, as well as reducing the suicide rate by 25%. Working together, men across the globe are trying to raise the funds necessary to make these goals achievable.


Two weeks in… (clockwise from left: Steve, Josh, Matt, Ben, Jed, Sam, Sami, Marco, Tom P, Jay, Andy)

Anthony Quinn

It’s week two and it’s finally dawned on me that I do have to keep this for the rest of the month and it’s a long time to keep facial hair without an accompanying beard. Still, I’ve been told that combined with my long hair I’m looking like D’artagnan… which is better than Dogtagnian I suppose.

Steve Riley

After a slow start the facial hair really began to flourish in Week 2, as I grew a moustache so hip it bought its own East London flat and is now managing an independent coffee house. Unfortunately, over time it has morphed into a deformed hair caterpillar on my upper lip. Upon shaving the beard yesterday I attempted a handlebar moustache but had to shave the sides off after my housemate had a heart attack and two police cars were called to the scene.

Josh Glenn

The initial flurry of excitement – ‘Look at me doing Movember! Aren’t I mad?!’ – didn’t take long to fizzle out into dull normality, until I honestly forget that I even have a moustache. It’s only when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror when I’m brushing my teeth or pondering the frailty of human existence that I’m crudely reminded. And even then, it doesn’t immediately register. ‘Look at that ridiculous man with the silly face,’ I scoff. ‘Wait a second. That ridiculous man… is me.’

Andy Gaudion

I stare back at the man in the mirror. I do not recognise him. Does the man wear the moustache? Or does the moustache wear the man? It is in this week that such existential questions have forced their way to the front of my mind, as I turn from a man with just a bit of stubble on his upper lip to someone who is quite clearly sporting a moustache. Is it charming? Is it creepy? I’m not sure, but I think it is winning. This man staring back at me with a moustache is not a man I know. I do not know if I can trust this man. He is the man in the mirror.

*actual results may vary from ‘fair’ to ‘middling’

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