Wowcher Does… Movember: Week Three


Week three sees us enter the final stretch of a situation that has become hairy, to say the least. Some of us have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and have begun to have a little fun with our furry facial additions, whereas others have sunk even further into a deep malaise. ‘It’s for men’s health awareness,’ we keep telling ourselves. ‘It’s bigger than any of us!’ It’s certainly bigger than some of our moustaches, that’s for sure…

Movember exists to raise awareness of various men’s health issues facing us in 2017, from prostate cancer to testicular cancer to poor mental wellbeing. The foundation aims to halve the number of deaths by prostate and testicular cancer by 2030, as well as reducing the suicide rate by 25%. Working together, men across the globe are trying to raise the funds necessary to make these goals achievable.

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Three weeks in… (clockwise from left: Josh, Anthony, Matt, Ben, Jed, Sam, Sami, Marco, Tom P, Jay, Andy, Steve)

Steve Riley

After ‘enjoying’ the novelty of Movember for the first three weeks without any repercussions (bar a few funny looks on the tube), I had a sinking feeling in my stomach when I realised I’d have to rep the face fuzz for a stag do in Amsterdam this weekend. I’ve already started pondering some troubling questions, such as “has a moustache ever been so grotesque that it caused a diplomatic incident?” If I’m not in work on Monday, you’ll know the answer…

Anthony Quinn

Last week I felt my Mo was pretty ridiculous yet somehow I felt I could be trying harder. Week three has seen the addition of dropped handlebars to the ensemble, an area where I really don’t have what I would refer to as ‘full coverage’.  You know, I think I may have finally found my look… even if I do have to draw in the gaps!

Andrew Gaudion

Spoke to my mother and father on Skype the other day. My own parents failed to recognise the moustachioed man on the screen as their own boy. It continues to dominate and grow, but I no longer fear it. For it shall not be long until I can gleefully remove it, watch it run away in fear from my shaver as I go back to being a man without a moustache. I sure do miss that guy.

Josh Glenn

My girlfriend won’t look at me. My friends won’t talk to me. People have started crossing the street in order to avoid me. What started off as a whimsical fundraising stunt has now taken hold of my visage and morphed it into something deeply unpleasant. It’s seeping into my very being and altering the very fabric of my DNA. Who am I? I am a man… with a moustache.

Jay Elstar-Richmond

It’s coming along, right?

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