Wowcher Does… Movember: Week One


It’s been a week since the boys – sorry, men – of Wowcher have cast off their designer stubble and taken their first big steps towards growing some serious facial hair. Taking heed from the great moustaches of our time – the Robert Redfords and the Burt Reynoldses and the Ron Swansons – they have preened and pruned, groomed and combed and, in some cases, coloured in with a Bic. (Not that we’re naming any names, Marco.) See the proof for yourself in our before and after shots below, accompanied by testimonies from some of the hairy-lipped hermanos. If, after that, you still feel compelled to donate, you can do so here.

Movember exists to raise awareness of various men’s health issues facing us in 2017, from prostate cancer to testicular cancer to poor mental wellbeing. The foundation aims to halve the number of deaths by prostate and testicular cancer by 2030, as well as reducing the suicide rate by 25%. Working together, men across the globe are trying to raise the funds necessary to make these goals achievable.


The start of our Movember journey… (clockwise from left: Steve, Josh, Anthony, Ben, Matt, Jed, Sam, Sami, Marco, Tom, Jay, Andy)

Josh Glenn

I conclude my first week brimming with bright-eyed optimism for the future – and the moustachioed possibilities that it may bring – tempered ever-so-slightly by the fact that my ‘tache-growing abilities are largely indistinguishable from those I possessed when I was 15. ‘I’m just fair-haired,’ I tell myself…

Steve Riley

As somebody who hasn’t been clean-shaven for four and a half years, I was intrigued to see what I would look like without any face fuzz. The novelty of seeing a chin that hadn’t seen light since my dissertation at university soon wore off however as I realised I’d look like a 25-year-old man-child for the rest of the month. Fortunately the first week has gone smoothly. The ‘tash is (slowly) starting to come back in, I’ve had a healthy dose of abuse support from my family, friends and colleagues and only once have I been ID’d for paracetamol. Onwards and upwards!

Andy Gaudion

While I may be striving for Tom Selleck glory, I’m afraid the only likeness I am evoking currently is that of Pedro, Napoleon Dynamite’s dorky best pal. Time shall yet tell whether my ‘tache will remain in such a state or erupt into a testosterone-fulled, Magnum P.I.-tinged triumph, but for a week’s work, I guess the Pedro is the best I can ask for.

Ben Plumpton

A Movember Haiku, by Ben Plumpton

Moustache journey starts.

It doesn’t grow thick or fast.

It’s for awareness.

Anthony Quinn

Most people have completely ignored it! It’s likely nobody has yet found the words to describe its fuzzy majesty… or they think it’s something left over from lunch. Personally I think I’ve started to look like an old, wizened Italian Don but in reality I probably look like one of the Chuckle Brothers.

Tom Early

Week one. Well, what can I say? This is the very first time I’ve participated in Movember and it’s been interesting to say the least! My wife for one hates it, I’m not sure about it, however I’m going to stick it out. Reactions have certainly been mixed! Roll on week two!


One week in… (clockwise from left: Josh, Tom E, Anthony, Matt, Jed, Sam, Sami, Ben, Marco, Tom P, Jay, Andy, Steve)

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