Wowcher Does… Movember: Week Four


And so, we reach the end of Movember. It’s been a rollercoaster of a month, with our moods dictated on a day-to-day basis by the kind of looks we received walking into the office (needless to say, there have been a fair share of troughs). Through it all, though, we’ve retained a stiff upper lip – it’s honestly difficult not to, what with the hair weighing it down – and powered ahead through thick and thin.

Ultimately, it’s not about where you end up. To paraphrase the great Miley Cyrus, it’s not about how thick your ‘tache is. It’s not even about having handlebars down the sides. It’s the growing. So while we may not have literally grown as much as we wanted to (except for Jay, who exceeded everyone’s expectations), we certainly grew as a ‘men’s health awareness’-spreading team. We couldn’t really ask for much mo’ than that.

Movember exists to raise awareness of various men’s health issues facing us in 2017, from prostate cancer to testicular cancer to poor mental wellbeing. The foundation aims to halve the number of deaths by prostate and testicular cancer by 2030, as well as reducing the suicide rate by 25%. Working together, men across the globe are trying to raise the funds necessary to make these goals achievable.

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Hair today, gone tomorrow… (Clockwise from left: Josh, Anthony, Matt, Ben, Jed, Sam, Sami, Marco, Tom, Jay, Andy)

Anthony Quinn

Tomorrow my upper lip gets to join the rest of my face and feel the full brunt of winter’s chill. I have to say I didn’t think I’d make it – well done to everyone, it’s certainly made my first month at the company a memorable one!

Josh Glenn

It’s with a sense of bittersweet joy that I contemplate picking up the razor and eradicating my face fuzz. I’m excited to rid myself of my hairy burden and re-join polite society, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to see how far I could take it given the chance. There was also a nice camaraderie in growing a ‘tache as part of a team, a feeling I imagine is similar to the one sports people get after they do a sports. But, as with most things in this ephemeral life, it’s hair today, gone tomorrow.

Andy Gaudion

Will I be sad to see the moustache go? No. While my upper lip may feel the chill a bit more post-shaving (oh hey, look, it’s snowing), I am looking forward to saying bye to the tache. It has all been for charity, and for that I am certainly proud of the tache, and to be honest as tache’s go, it’s pretty good. It is just not for me. Do donate though while you can to make my double-takes in the mirror worth it!

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