The Wowcher Guide to Spring Destinations


So it’s that time of year again – sweatier tube rides, festival season and flowers growing all around you. If you want to get out of the UK, there are a number of travel destinations which are just blooming brilliant (sorry, I couldn’t resist). There are lots of fabulous places abroad that are well-known for certain aspects of nature, from sky-high sunflowers in Tuscany to gloriously purple lavender in Aix-En-Provence and many more. Enjoy those longer evenings abroad alongside some stunning nature, and you’ll come back wearing flares, riding a bicycle, and with braids in your hair. We have of course featured some of our fantastic travel deals, so you can get up and go. So get packing, you nature-lovers!

Frhling und Sakura bei der Chureito Pagoda in Japan Fujiyoshida

1. Japan

Japan is cherry blossoms all round. Hanami – the art of cherry blossom watching in Japan, is a must-do activity if you’re in the Land of the Rising Sun during spring. Top places of course include Tokyo, but it is Kyoto which is an Instagrammer’s dream with lovely shades of pink and white spread along everywhere. Pack a picnic for hanami and do as the Japanese do.

Beautiful landscape with tulips and houses in Amsterdam, Holland

2. Amsterdam

Amsterdam isn’t just red you know. It is of course famous for its gorgeous tulips and is something you’ll find on just about every other postcard out there. Amsterdam is home to the magnificent Garden of Europe, Keukenhof. Established in 1949, it is one of the most famous tulip and flower gardens in the world. If anything you’ll leave with the worst/best flower joke around ‘What flowers grow on faces? Tulips’. Pow.

Swaledale - Yorkshire Dales

3. Yorkshire Dales

I’m a Yorkshire lass and there’s ner place like those dales I tell ye. Think Heartbeat and Emmerdale (once I did see Marlon Dingle near my local cinema). The Dales are perfect for those afternoon strolls and soaking up all that wonderful Yorkshire air. The hay meadows are just fabulous darling with its vibrant colours and scents. I think Kate Bush was singing about running up those Yorkshire hills all along.

Campi di lavanda in Provenza, Francia

4. Aix-en-Provence

Did someone say purple? I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much purple than in Aix-en-Provence. What more could you want? Cheese, baguettes and lovely smelling lavender. You’ll see lines of shops selling gorgeous bags of the purple flower to put under your pillow or in your pants or sock drawer, if you wish to get rid of your au-naturel-ness and smell of the good stuff. I wonder if they get their colour from Purple Rain.

Sunflower tuscany, val d'orcia

5. Tuscany

Ah, Tuscany. Not just famous for pizza, pasta and vino, it’s also known for those tall flowers that give us those superfoody seeds – the sunflower. The first growth of sunflowers begins in June and they start to turn yellow in July, so giddy up as you’re in for a very, very tall flower treat here. Pisa is a good place for flower spotting in the region. It’s also a great opportunity for those I’m-holding-the-tower-of-Pisa-but-it’s-obvious-that-I’m-so-not-and-holding-the-air-and-I-look-like-a-prat pictures. I am guilty of said picture.

It’s not all about summer holidays. Try a spring getaway instead. Whatever bit of nature you’re looking for, from cherry blossoms in Japan to a more local break in the hills of the Yorkshire Dales, springtime is perfect for all you nature-loving folk to get travelling. So get into the swing of things, let your hair flow and get groovy baby.

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