The Wowcher Guide to National Chocolate Day


Chocolate Day is soon upon us on the grand old day of the 7th July, and with it comes – what else? – chocolate! And a bloody lot of it, too. We love the stuff, we do. In the UK we eat 660,900 tonnes of chocolate every year, with a whopping 11kg per person per year. That’s roughly the amount of a baby goat. (We’re not kidding.) That means us Brits are eating roughly three bars a week, be it KitKats, Snickers or M&Ms, for birthdays, Easter and Christmas. It’s safe to say that we crave the stuff, and National Chocolate Day is the perfect excuse to get down to some serious nomming. Here is our guide to all things chocolate, with some fun facts and tips on how to celebrate the big day itself thrown in for good measure. Tuck in!

Chocolate Bar

1. Chocolate is good for us

It’s two fingers to all of those superfood-y hippy eaters and lovers. Chocolate is good for you and we will hold on to that fact for ever more. The smell of chocolate increases the theta waves in our brains and this stimulates relaxation. If you eat chocolate every day, it also reduces the risk of heart disease by a third – boo you…you know how it goes. So get a brew and a bar of chocolate, put your feet up and get relaxing, darlings.

2. White chocolate technically isn’t chocolate

You what? Well there goes our Milky Way bar. White chocolate technically isn’t chocolate as it doesn’t contain any cocoa liquor or cocoa solids. We dread to think what it’s actually made of then… You know the rumour about what they make those blue M&Ms out of, don’t you?

3. Chocolate for ever more

The creator of that beautiful and oh-so-dunkable chocolate chip cookie sold his godsend creation to the giants Nestle Toll House (cue Phoebe from Friends) and what did he get? A lifetime supply of the chocolatey good stuff. What more could you want? Chocolate brew and chocolate porridge in the morning anyone?

Chocolate M&Ms

4. Chocolate for soldiers

M&Ms aren’t just those nifty little chocolates that you have to fumble around for at the bottom of the packet. M&Ms were a way for our beloved soldiers to enjoy chocolate without it melting. We hear they liked them. And we still love the stuff, even if they’re sometimes difficult to get out of the packet…

5. The world’s largest chocolate bar…

…weighed 5,792 kg. That’s 12,770 lbs. Enough said.

So you’ve got your chocolate facts, now what? Celebrate of course. So how does one celebrate the beautiful day of Chocolate Day?

Celebrate good times, come on!

Use a chocolate hair growth supplement

The new thing the kids are taking at the moment is a chocolate hair growth supplement for your hair to give you luscious locks. It helps to make your hair grow faster and stop it breaking. You’ll have shiny hair, too, because you’re worth it.

Get some chocolate afternoon tea

There’s afternoon tea, and then there’s chocolate afternoon tea. Am I right? Ditch the boring old plain afternoon brew and spruce yours up today and have some chocolate with your fancy arvo drink.

Chocolate Display


Go to a chocolate or macaroon masterclass

Fancy yourself a bit of a Masterchef or Bake Off baker? Get signed up to this chocolate masterclass. It’s two hours long and held in a range of locations. If you’re more of a macaroon fan, you can Frenchie yourself up too. Then you can combine the two later. Je voudrais une montagne de macarons de chocolat s’il vous plaît.

Go on a chocolate tour

We all see the big red open top buses going around London showing you the likes of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, blah blah blah, but what about a chocolate tour, hey? Doesn’t that sound marvellously Willy Wonka-esque? You’ll have six lucky chances to sample different varieties of your favourite brown stuff (not that brown stuff, Gillian McKeith). You can also go to the grand Cadbury World in Bourneville. The entire place smells of chocolate and you can get a bit of chocolate in every room you go in. There’s also a bit where you can see the gorilla used in the Phil Collins Cadbury advert. The end of Cadbury World is epic. We will leave you at that.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

This is our favourite film of all time (one of them, anyway). You could dress up as the legend that is our Willy Wonka or Tango yourself and make yourself an Oompa Loompa and sing and dance. Anything goes. Willy Wonka was an interesting character in the film, and the late Gene Wilder took the role on one condition – he wanted to do a somersault in the scene when he first meets the children. He wanted Wonka to be seen as someone whose actions were totally unpredictable. And that you did Sir. Rest in peace you legend.

Chocolate. It’s good stuff isn’t it? It helps our hair, heart and the brain. It helps us to feel happy as Larry, too. So on the 7th July, think of it as another excuse to nom down that beautiful stuff. A jolly good day, we say!

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