The Wowcher Guide to Anti-Valentine’s Days Destinations

Anti-valentines day destinations

That dreaded day of the year is fast approaching, where that little boy Cupid with the nappy and arrow (anyone else find that weird?) will be shooting some of those blasted romance arrows around. The Valentine’s Day cards and all that commercial, plastic pink and red tat is one thing, but what on earth is with the Valentine’s Day holidays? Paris, Venice and Rome, blah blah blah. They’re incredible cities, but why feel the need to take your loved one there on the 14th February with all those selfie sticks and terrible plastic roses flying around? To Wowcher with Valentine’s Day I say, and head to these unromantic places at this time of year and celebrate that dreaded V-Day in your own way. Boo you Cupid.


Las Vegas lights

  1. Las Vegas

If you want unromantic, then unromantic is what you most certainly get with the sparkle and glitz of Las Vegas. My word, there are a lot of lights in this city and with that comes the screwed up faces and inevitable squinting – not the nice dimmed and mood lighting of cities like Paris. Take your shades for outdoors (even at night time) and gamble your precious money on the slot machines, not those naff chocolates in a heart-shaped box, even if Kurt Cobain does like them.

Ibiza DJ

Ibiza DJ

  1. Ibiza

Nothing, and I mean nothing, screams unromantic much more than the stereotypical image of Ibiza. An island filled to the brim with glow sticks, groups of mad teenage lads on the loose and that never-ending dancefloor. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Ibiza does look like an incredible holiday destination – the good parts that is. But heck, this is an anti-Valentine’s Day destination isn’t it? So release your inner Fatboy Slim, keep calm and rave on.

Red Light District in Amsterdam the Netherlands

  1. Amsterdam

If you travel to certain areas (and by that I obviously mean the Red Light District) there is something very anti-Valentine’s Day destination about it all. No clogs and tulips here my Valentine’s hating friend. Expect lots of red lights, funnily enough, so pack those trusty shades for the Netherlands capital too. For more anti-V day activities avoid walking by the canals and renting a bike. You are not the Dutch version of Amélie.

Donkey ride on the beach at Blackpool, England

Donkey ride on the beach at Blackpool, England

  1. Blackpool

England’s own version of Las Vegas you might say. You’ll find reams of arcades, tacky lights and a heap of smelly donkeys to ruin all Valentine’s Day vibes forever more. Have some rock, some fish and chips and complain about the weather being pants.

Passengers traveling by Tokyo metro.

Passengers traveling by Tokyo metro.

  1. Tokyo

Valentine’s Day in Japan doesn’t have all the same naff traditions we do at home. On 14th February, women buy men chocolates (screaming feminists don’t panic) and on the 14th March, men buy women chocolate. So if you’re in Japan, you get half the Valentine’s Day vibe. And to top it all off, you can get squeezed in rush hour with a load of random people on the train. What could be more anti-romantic hey? A sweaty-and-not-so-hot mess you might say.

All Valentine’s Day hating folk get packing and jet off to these gloriously non-romantic destinations to do the 14th February in your own style. Don’t pack your camera, don’t pack your journal, do not pack your drawing or art supplies if you’re into that – you, my friend, are an anti-Valentine’s Day-er, so come together and be as one.

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