Wowcher Gets Pampered at Nature’s Way

Some things in life are inevitable. The sun will rise in the east, the grass is green and, at some point, you’ll find your back knotted up like a pretzel. The latter is particularly true for me.

See, I’m a self-confessed gym addict. Yep, one of those people who bounds out of the house in Lycra at 6am to fit in a sly spin class before work. A good habit, you might think, but coupled with my fondness for sitting in awkward positions and slouching over my PC, it leaves me tenser than Phil Mitchell in a cop shop.

While I typically treat my aches with a cheeky massage from a colleague at lunch, bribing them with tasty baked goods, it just wasn’t quite doing the trick – plus, it was costing me a fortune in cakes. It was time to make a change, so I headed to leafy St John’s Wood for a luxurious full body massage, courtesy of Wowcher

Having prepared myself for the experience with a particularly heavy weights session the day before (it’s only fair to get your money’s worth, right?), I headed to Nature’s Way clinic, based just a moment’s walk from the lush, green gardens of Regent’s Park. A friendly massage therapist welcomed me before leading me to a tranquil private treatment room, which was perfectly warm and fitted out with chic cream furniture.

As a stranger to beauty treatments and, let’s be honest, most things indulgent and girly, I felt a little trepidation as my masseuse requested that I strip to my underwear in preparation for the massage. Nobody asked me to remove my clothes with my office massages, that’s for sure. I really had nothing to worry about, though, as she put me completely at ease and gave me plenty of time to settle into the room before the treatment began.

Using decadent lavender-scented oil, the therapist began by focusing on my back, neck and shoulders. A Swedish masseuse, she combined long, sweeping strokes with deep tissue kneading with the aim of relieving stiffness from my muscles. As the soothing massage worked across my upper body, before heading down my arms, legs and feet, my tension melted away. Each smooth stroke unknotted the stress I carried throughout me, releasing the aches built up by hours spent hunching at my laptop and powering through gym classes.

By the time it was finished, I was totally rejuvenated. The stiffness I’d walked in with had vanished and I was left feeling blissfully relaxed, refreshed and ready to face the world again. Although perhaps not the gym any time soon…

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