Wowcher Does Trapeze Bar, Shoreditch

When Wowcher runs great food and drink deals at exciting venues around the UK, we really love to get to know the places personally. My mission, whether or not I chose to accept it, was to find a small group of friends and enjoy a huge sharing cocktail and food platter at the delightfully intriguing Trapeze Bar in East London. Located close to the hipster hub of Shoreditch, Trapeze Bar presents itself as an intriguing cross between a nightclub and a circus tent, with the ceiling adorned with hanging trapeze bars. It describes itself as ‘bathed in faded circus glamour’ and it’s this nod to the faded glory of the travelling circus which lends Trapeze much of its unique charm.

Having negotiated the endless arty murals and pop-up street events that dominate the hipster capital of the UK I arrived, flanked by my trusted companions. Our Wowcher deal entitled us to a choice of meat or vegetarian sharing platter and the impressive sounding ‘Showstopper’ cocktail, which is the equivalent to six to eight regular-sized cocktails.

Upon being asked by a waitress which spirit we would like to form the base of our cocktail, we opted for rum (more with an inclination towards stylish Havana cocktails than sailor’s grog). A few minutes later, what can only be described as a very large toy car (reminiscent of children’s TV favourite Brum) arrived at our table, complete with personalised Trapeze number plate and three straws poking out. With eight cocktails worth of drink in the central bowl, topped with crushed ice and sliced fruit, the waitress finished the concoction with flaming rum and icing sugar which combusted to form a bright, spectacular and hopefully safe explosion, visible from all corners of the bar. With your choice of base spirit in the bespoke cocktail, the results can be totally different each time. The cocktail itself was spectacularly tasty, with our slurred descriptions becoming ever more superlative as we drank our way through the motorcar full of rum.

The car-shaped megabowl of cocktail splendour, complete with sliced fruit, crushed ice and combusting icing sugar!

The other half of the Wowcher deal was for a sharing food platter, our choice of a meat selection or vegetarian special. We opted for the meat platter, named ‘The Strongman’, though the vegetarian option, called ‘The Bearded Lady’, sounded just as appetising. Shortly after our monster truck of cocktails arrived, we were presented with a wooden board, full of the best looking and sweetest smelling cooked meats I’ve seen in a long time. The platter comprised:

  • Smoky beef chorizo
  • Sticky pork ribs
  • Chicken wings
  • Pulled pork sliders
  • Homemade Sauces

So good was the smoky beef chorizo that I ordered an extra hot dog at my own expense afterwards. All in all, an excellent selection of tasting meats to share. It was the perfect snack to accompany the cocktail.

One of the finest chilli hot dogs known to mankind…

One of the finest chilli hot dogs known to mankind…

Even at the relatively early time of 6pm, with daylight still streaming in from the doors, there was an undeniable atmosphere to Trapeze Bar. The circus-themed décor and retro US diner style booths add to the feeling that you’ve been transported by your experience away from East London to a mid-western American carnival of yesteryear. The friendliness and professionalism of the staff was part of what made the evening so fun. Our food and drink orders were brought out quickly and there was no waiting around to grab the attention of the waitresses, plus the bartender who concocted our cocktail clearly enjoyed himself as we spied him getting creative and inventive with the mixers on the bars whilst preparing our truck o’ booze. With a 5* Tripadvisor rating and a serious thumbs up from me, it’s safe to say that Trapeze Bar has joined the ranks of the many great bars and restaurants who offer unforgettable experiences through and is a safe bet for delicious food and drink too!

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