Brighten Up Your Blue Monday

Blue Monday

2017. Thank god that nightmare’s over. With Brexit, the rise of Donald Trump and the whole Harvey Weinstein fiasco obliterating any shred of hope for the wider world, we’re thankful to put it behind us. New Year, New Everything please, am I right?

But all is well because 2K18 is here! Bring It On is finally on Netflix. Khloe Kardashian’s pregnant (cool). And summer is just… five months away, but hey, only 11 more till Christmas is back! …

Struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel? Already tossed your New Year resolutions aside, resigning yourself to another mediocre year? The good news is it’s completely normal to feel this way. In fact, ‘Blue Monday’, which falls on the third Monday in January (that’s 15th January this year), is scientifically the gloomiest day of the year. As the post-holiday buzz wears off, SAD, credit card bills and a lack of motivation start to hit home, creating an all-round miserable vibe. According to studies carried out by Mappiness, the nation’s happiness peaked at 75.7% on Christmas Day 2010 and plummeted the day Trump was elected president. Surprise, surprise.


Anyway, enough wallowing in self-pity. In the words of Ronan Keating: ‘Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it’. And we’re firm believers in making your own luck, so it’s time to turn that frown upside down and use Blue Monday as a springboard for change! Whether it’s changing jobs, booking your next adventure or taking up a new hobby, January is a brilliant time to start making the most of your life.

Stuck for inspiration? Here’s a few ways to beat those Monday blues Wowcher style!

Plot your escape


Reward yourself

Bannatyne spa

Get a fresh perspective


Step out of your comfort zone


Work towards your dream bod


Spice up your love life


Still feel blue? Have a drink on us!


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