Winter Lights Festival


Back in the heady throes of winter, some of the world’s finest sculptors, structures and installations set up camp over at Canary Wharf and treated visitors to an array of vibrant, illuminating art pieces. The event, quite aptly, was named the Winter Lights Festival, and it offered up some truly breathtaking sights. Be they interactive, pieces of performance art or innovative visual spectacles, the showcases were well and truly the light at the end of a long, cold tunnel. Of the 30 weird, wacky and wonderful, er, wonders that were on show, here are our top picks. A-light here!

Horizontal Interference

Horizontal Interference, Joachim Slugocki

Zipping between the trees like static in bursting colour, these horizontal beams offered an endlessly entrancing experience.

Our Spectral Vision

Our Spectral Vision, Liz West

Replicating the diversion of white light, this absolute stunner invited us to explore our relationship with colour and delve right into the science of light.


Origin, Philipp Mohr & Selektivton

Functioning by reacting to the energy naturally produced by our bodies, this installation was well and truly electric.

The Haze Series

The Haze Series, Max Patté

Inspired by his illuminating journies along Nothern Ireland’s southern coastline, Max Patté’s latest work shows that he’s well and truly seen the light.

Neon & Mirrors

Neon & Mirrors, Camilo Matiz

Holding a mirror up to mass culture, Matiz delved beneath the meanings of words to (quite literally) show them in a new light.

Water Wall

Water Wall, Andrew Bernstein & Gregory St. Pierre

Looking at movement, shape and sound through the prisms of light and water, this dynamic piece simply couldn’t be mist.

The Garden of Floating Words

The Garden of Floating Words, Elisa Artesero

If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…

winter lights

Unfortunately, the festival has finished for the year. Feeling inspired? You can recreate it in your very own home with these de-light-ful deals!