Who’s The PumpKing or Queen of Wowcher?



With Halloween creeping in, we’ve got so many frightfully wonderful things to look forward to that it’s hard to contain our excitement. Fancy dress, tonnes of sweets, the black bun Halloween Whopper at Burger King… and pumpkin carving, of course!

Back in the day, pumpkin carving was simple. You cut the top off, scooped out the insides, cut three triangles on the front (two eyes and a nose) and crafted a zig-zag evil type smile – and hey presto, your pumpkin was complete.

But this doesn’t work now, folks – oh no it does not! The pumpkin carving game is at an all-time high, with some so artistic it’s almost like Michelangelo himself carved them. From Obama, Harry Potter, T-Swift, Kanye, Oprah and even the Queen, it seems that anything is carvable, which means your three-triangle pumpkin simply isn’t quite cutting it anymore.

After you’ve hunted down the perfect plump pumpkin, it’s time to let your creative juices flow. But first things first, you will need a good selection of tools to create your masterpiece. We’re not talking about a blunt knife and a bent spoon – we’re talking about a proper pumpkin carving kit, which we’re sure all the professional pumpkin carvers use!

Carving set

In the spirit of fairness, we decided to set a pumpkin carving challenge ourselves for five Wowcher workers. With the same rules of no three-triangle pumpkins and no blunt knife and bent spoon tools, the five competitors were set free to create a frightfully good (or bad) pumpkin.

Howlever, we have put the voting down to you, our Wowcher customers. You will decide who is the PumpKing or Queen of Wowcher. Who comes out on top and who is a Halloween flop is in your hands. Who will put the ass in embarrassment or the boo in bootiful? Whose pumpkin will be a ghastly mess or a gruesome success? YOU DECIDE!


Anna’s Minion Pumpkin

First up we have Anna’s Minion pumpkin. A carving that would make Pharrell Williams happy, you can bet your bottom dollar she worked hard on this bad boy. Hehe. Bottom.

Anna pumpkin 2


Hannah’s Batman Pumpkin

Next up is Hannah, the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Are you a Batfan of her creation? Or is she Arkham up the wrong tree?

Hannah pumpkin


Josh’s Ghostbusters Pumpkin

Josh kept with the traditional ghostly theme that we all know and love. So altogether now: if there’s somethin’ strange in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!



Dominique’s Wolf of Wowcher Pumpkin

Dominique dished up the ‘Wolf of Wowcher’, but is it a deserving winner? Will it scoop the crown or be left out in the cold like Leo at the Oscars? Did Dom do the Wolf of Wowcher chest beat? Do we have the answers to any of these questions? In the words of the Wolf himself, absolutely f*/!?@£ not!



Emily’s Vomiting Pumpkin

Emily’s pumpkin channelled how most of us look on a Friday night after a drink or six. Will the sick do the trick? Is it a Halloween treat or does she need to take a backseat? And will we ever stop asking questions we don’t know the answers to?

Emily pumpkin

Good luck to all our carvers! The winner will be announced after Halloween, so get voting for your favourite pumpkin – but just remember one thing, all’s fair in love and pumpkin carving. Happy Halloween!

Click here and vote for your pumpking or queen!