What to Take on Your Holiday


Holiday! Celebrate! It’s nearly holiday time, guys and gals, so pack your toiletries, get that playlist uploaded and get in the summer holiday mood. Here is our list of essential must-haves to pack for that fabulous holiday of yours coming up. So whether your holiday is in Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza, straight to L.A, New York, Vegas to Africa (as J-Lo sang), follow our guide and jet off knowing that you’ve got some of the most important things with you. Apart from your passport, ticket and money, of course. And insurance if you get it. Yeah, you get our drift…


1. Sun cream

Let’s face it, the main thing we want with a summer holiday is to escape the British weather and get some well-deserved sun rays. Soak up that lovely vitamin D, pals, but don’t burn yourself in the process. Remember what the sun cream instructions told you, dear – reapply every two hours. You don’t want to peel and look like you’ve been tangoed like those leathery folk on the beach. That is not a good look.


2. Luggage organiser

After booking your flights, sorting out your accommodation and all the rest of it, the next fun part is getting everything packed and ready. No, you won’t wear that woolly jumper in 40-degree heat and no, you don’t need to take that pair of leggings that you never wear at home. Remember, people – a capsule wardrobe is key. There is no need to overpack. Take minimal clothing and travel light, so you’ve got more room for souvenirs and those duty-free delights. Use our luggage organiser with different compartments for all the items in your suitcase. You’ll feel like the ultimate efficient and professional little packer.


3. Water bottle

Hydration is key to a healthy you wherever you go, but you need it more than ever in the sweltering climate of your summer holiday destination. The heat of Spain and the humidity of France aren’t great for our hydration levels, so keep sipping all day, every day. After all, us Brits aren’t really used to it! Plus it saves on you having to buy extra bottles of water and helps in not wasting plastic. See, we knew you were an eager environmentalist beaver. Go green now.


4. Sunglasses

What is a holiday without a pair of sunnies? With great Wowcher offers on brands such as Tom Ford, Ruby Rocks and Guess, you can keep your pretty eyes away from squinting and doing that failed I’m-trying-to-be-a-pouty-model look.


5. Camera

We’re not ones for selfie sticks and that malarkey at all, but you definitely need to get a camera packed in your belongings. If you’re Insta-obessesed, you know you won’t leave without your camera anyway. And if you’re the sporty type or the underwater diving type, get our fancy schmancy HD waterproof camera to take pictures of your new Nemo friends down under or of your thrilling-yet-incredibly-terrifying climb. Remember those cherished moments of your best holiday moments (or the worst moments, depending on whether you ever want to travel with that friend again).

Once you’ve packed these basic necessities, you’ll be all set to go and enjoy that well-deserved city break or that adventure holiday of yours. And if you’re anything like Monica from Friends, you will be making a list (if you haven’t already) and saying tick as you place everything in your suitcase. We’re all going on a summer holiday!

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