The Wowcher Guide to Travel in 2016!


You can drink more water, sleep longer, run faster, work harder and eat better, but when it comes to New Year’s Eve, all you’re really going to look back on are the memories you’ve made. Make 2016 the year you see the world with your nearest and dearest – as the famous adage goes, travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer! We’ve compiled a month-by-month itinerary that will help to get you inspired…

January: Dubai

It’s grey outside, dark when you leave the house and dark when you come home. You’re going to be longing for a bit of sun, sand, shopping and style. So escape to the glitzy panoramas, sleek modernity and unparalleled opulence of Dubai for its famous SHOPPING FESTIVAL! With designer deals, fashionable nights out and weather warm enough for sunbathing, get there before the humidity kicks in and treat your inner diva to a taste of the good life.


February: Iceland

Like it or not, February is synonymous with all things romantic! And what could be dreamier on a little Valentine’s trip than endless snowscapes, quiet nights by the fire and a cracking chance at seeing the Northern Lights! February’s long, dark nights might depress you in the UK, but they’re also perfect for potential Aurora Borealis sightings while you’re snuggled up warm and hand in hand with your favourite plus one! We feel all gooey just thinking about it…

March: Dublin

If you’re not one to turn down a beer or a party, how does three full days of parades, frivolity, costumes, Guinness and music sound? Pretty fantastic, right? Dublin’s 2016 Saint Patrick’s Day parade is intriguingly themed ‘Imagine If…’ and is set to thrill guests from all over the world! Merriment is guaranteed from the world’s experts in good old fashioned craic.


April: Santorini

Santorini is truly as picture-perfect as Pinterest would have you believe. Whitewash buildings and azure domes flank the rugged coastal cliffs, seafood abounds from local tavernas and wineries foster exquisite grapes that slide down nicely with the world famous sunsets. There are only two possible downsides: scorching heat and frantic crowds. Beat them both and travel in warm April just as the island is starting to bustle… perfect!


May: Amsterdam

A city-break staple, if you’ve not yet experienced the chilled out culture of Amsterdam in the springtime, make this your year. Pavement cafés spill out onto the banks of the sparkling canals, where happy locals sip coffee al fresco, cyclists breeze past with nonchalant ease and flower markets lend their floral scent and pantone prettiness to the cobbled streets. And we’re sure we don’t even need to mention the infamous nightlife…


June: Bali

Is there a bad time to visit Bali? Probably not, but if you’re looking for a time when the weather is dry, humidity is low and prices aren’t at their peak, June is a pretty good bet. With average temperatures creeping up to 28°C, you’ll be summertime dreaming and poised to enjoy the spotless beaches, cerulean seas, swaying palm trees, gorgeous sunsets and friendly atmosphere that see Bali topping travel bucket-lists world over.


July: Las Vegas

There’s no city more over the top, more excessive or more glitzy than incredible Las Vegas! And there’s no American holiday more over the top, more excessive or more glitzy than the Fourth of July. Combine the two for the ultimate spectacle featuring decadent pool parties, world-famous casinos, themed cocktails and hotels competing to put on the biggest, brightest, most breathtaking firework displays! With temperatures hitting the high thirties, dig out a red, white and blue bikini and get ready to indulge, USA-style!

August: Blackpool

We really do like to be beside the seaside! When the summer holidays kick in, there’s nowhere better to be than on a good old-fashioned British holiday. There’s no fighting the summer spirit in Blackpool, the universal box ticker that will leave the kids delighted and you able to get away from the office without spending a fortune. Plus, going in August means you’ll probably get a bit of sun…


September: Rome

Roasting temperatures are A-OK when all you want to do is sunbathe, read and drink mojitos, and while these are three of Wowcher’s favourite things, when a city’s got as rich a heritage and as venerable a history as Rome, you’re going to want it to be a little cooler. September is perfect Italy weather: warm and sunny but cool enough to spend all day exploring without diving into air-conditioned shops at twenty-minute intervals. Glide through the meandering streets of the city with ease and unearth ‘la dolce vita’ of the Eternal City, sans sweat.

October: Lake District

October gets a pretty bad rap as a *meh* month in old Blighty, with summer long gone, Christmas far away and only the half-holiday of Halloween to raise our spirits. Well, we’ve got two words for you: Fall foliage. The glorious warm hues of the Lake District reflected in its vast pools, crisp walks through the blazing colours of the season, terrific pub lunches and a cosy room to relax in with your fellow adventurer – what could be better?


November: Tenerife

When the winter blues are kicking in hard and there’s not a drop of sunlight to be found, paradise is only a quick hop, skip and flight away! After the sweltering heat of the summer has cooled and the throngs of holiday tourists have returned to their day jobs, Tenerife still enjoys temperatures in their twenties, swimmable seas and eight hours of gorgeous sunlight every day. With prices dropping after all the schools are back in session, you’re also highly likely to find a smashing deal on Wowcher!


December: New York City
The most wonderful time of the year gets the sparkling VIP treatment in the Big Apple! Visit Santa at the dazzling Santaland at Macy’s, ice skate outside the Rockefeller Centre, gaze in awe at the window displays along Fifth Avenue or live the high life sipping on a decadent festive cocktail at the Plaza. NYC is a magical city year-round and a firm Wowcher favourite, but there is simply no better time to go than holiday season!


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