The Wowcher Guide to New Year Fitness

“New year, new you…” yada yada yada. It’s no wonder we suffer from January blues, what with the all the regret (over the number of mince pies consumed), repenting (in the form of punishing regimes) and inevitable resignation (followed by more mince pies)… Well, here at Wowcher we say “NO” – it doesn’t have to be that way! Whether you’re looking for fun fitness classes in London, Zumba in Manchester or yoga in Liverpool, follow our handy guide to New Year fitness and make 2013 different from all the others:


Try something new

Who says getting fit has to be about pounding the treadmill whilst watching the paint dry on the wall opposite? The only stipulation for getting fit is that you have to move; so we say shake it with samba Strictly Come Dancing-style like Kimberley Walsh, who says she’s got dancing to thank for her toned legs and thighs – yes please! If you don’t possess a whole lot of rhythm then why not say bye bye to bingo wings with a spot of bouldering (like climbing but cooler); get those thighs working in the saddle or try out Pilates like Hilary Duff? We guarantee you’ll be far more motivated if you’re actually excited by exercise (who’d have thought it!). If you’re not sure where to start, then look to the left – whether you’re looking for discount bootcamps in London, outdoor activities in Birmingham, dance classes in Derby or climbing in Nottingham, there’s bound to be a deal in your area!


Buddy up

Us Wowcher girls know we’re our own worst enemy: in the face of cold, dark winter evenings the idea of cuddling up in front of the New Girl boxset is often more appealing than breaking a sweat; but what if it were a social occasion? If you combine exercise with seeing your friends – even if it’s just a walk around the park – you’ll not only get to catch up on all the latest gossip; you’ll also have someone to motivate you when it seems like just a little bit too much effort (and vice versa). In fact, Reese Witherspoon and her friends have got the right idea!


Take a break

Your mum spoke wise words when she told you “everything in moderation”: there’s no point in setting yourself an unrealistically jam-packed exercise schedule that’ll have you suffering a meltdown by Valentine’s (or more likely giving up before then!). Set yourself realistic goals and rewards – for example, if you go to a class one evening then why not take the next one off to have a glass of wine with your bessie? You could even buy yourself a deal for a guilt-free cheap manicure or relaxing massage as a kind of self-five!


Anything’s better than nothing

All too often we fall into the trap of thinking that if we don’t go all-out, we needn’t bother at all (much like thinking that eating one chocolate justifies eating the whole tin – familiar, anyone?). If you haven’t got time to fit in a full-on workout then why not kill two birds with one stone by walking or cycling to work, or even just getting off the bus one stop earlier? Take the stairs rather than the lift, do a few bicep curls with your lunchtime tins of soup or engage in some healthy ‘Sitacise’; you’d be surprised how much better you feel after even a quick stretch!


Remember the benefits

Finally, remember how great you felt with all those happy endorphins flying around after that run? Remember the boost to your confidence when someone commented on what great shape you’re in? Remember how much more energy you have and how much better you sleep when you really exert yourself occasionally? Write it down! Draw it! Stick it everywhere! You can thank us come bikini season… Check out these ladies’ motivations if you’re feeling unconvinced.

Here are some beds: