The Wowcher Guide to Outdoor Fun

Wowcher Summer fun

The temperature has finally started to rise and here at Wowcher we’re merrily stripping off our winter coats and scarves ready to embrace the season of festivals, ice cream and endless weather watching! So in hopeful optimism of a great British summer we urge you to get off the sofa, put down the box-set and get outside to take part in any of these outdoorsy activities:


1 – Make a Feathered Friend

What we lack in exotic creatures such as koalas and kangaroos we definitely make up for in errr… birds, but whilst the seemingly endless stream of pigeons may get annoying, we can assure you the majestic hawks, eagles and falcons present at bird of prey centres across the nation are anything but. With many offering the chance to learn, feed and even hold some awesome birds of prey you’re guaranteed a day out to remember. Birds of Prey Centre is one of the largest centres in the UK offering an extensive range of activities – have a look and see if there’s one near you.


2 – Pack a Picnic

Seeing as we’re famed for our ‘green and pleasant land’ what better way is there to enjoy the sunshine than with a hearty hike topped off with a homemade picnic? Free, filling (and even more fun if you pack the Champagne!) we can’t think of a better way to get some much-needed fresh air and embrace the British countryside. Check out Visit Britain’s top 10 UK picnic spots for a list of picturesque destinations.


3 – Prepare to Get Messy

Frenetic, fast-paced and utterly exhilarating, paintballing is a great day out whether it’s a screaming brood of kids that need entertaining, or a boisterous other-half with too much energy. Kitted out in protective gear and armed with luminous weaponry your mission is simple: to cover the enemy in as much coloured paint as you can! Paintballing’s perennial popularity means you won’t have a problem finding a base near you, but with over 100 venues spread across the UK try Nationwide Paintball for a truly expert service.


4 – Be Ballsy

Summer’s all about making the most of the fresh-air and whilst we love a good sun-bathing session it’s the strange, quirky and utterly bonkers experiences that stay with you long after the sun-cream’s been packed away. With that in mind why not try your hand at a little zorbing? Put simply – climb inside a giant plastic ball and get someone bigger than you to push you down a hill….. Sure it sounds like an activity reserved purely for those with a death-wish, but if carried out in designated activity centres it’s a sure-fire way to get the adrenalin pumping and have you smiling ear to ear! Wikipedia’s extensive supply of information may help put your mind at ease…!


5 – Hit the Pub

If the thought of all this activity is bringing you out in hives rest assured there are plenty of more leisurely ways to enjoy a balmy breeze or catch a few rays. Arguably the all-time best way to spend a warm afternoon involves nothing more than great friends, a pint of cider and a picturesque setting. Whilst we’re sure this isn’t news to you, it’s worth ditching the confines of your local and checking out Yahoo’s comprehensive guide to pubs with beer gardens worth talking about.


Just keep your fingers crossed for sun!