The Sky’s the limit…

With the wintry weather in full swing and New Year’s having a strong hold on your purse strings, we’re forced to look for new ways to keep the family entertained. We’ve replaced bar stools with sofas and blankets and glasses of wine with hot water bottles and tea, but unfortunately some of us are woefully unprepared for all this free time indoors. Dad’s one-man hand puppet show actually makes the bitter outdoors look like an attractive option, Twister seems to result in one too many strained muscles and afternoons with Monopoly tend to end in bloodshed. Luckily, there’s no need to watch elderly relatives mime Free Willy in painfully embarrassing games of Charades because there’s plenty of favourites back on telly this year!

Jack is back in 24: Live Another Day (Sky One, May). This not so real-time, real-time drama gets the pulse racing more than a lunch date with David Gandy, so make sure you keep a good grip on your hot cocoa! Golden Globe-winning Girls (Sky Atlantic, Jan 20) returns for the third highly anticipated season full of anxiety, insecurity and pure entertainment. If you’re a fan of bloody battlefields and semi-naked kings then you’ve got to catch the new season of Emmy award-winning Game of Thrones (Sky Atlantic, April 7). Leave the entertainment to the professionals this year – the living room is not a place for your father’s amateur dramatics, it’s a place for pure TV heaven!

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