The Egg Off

the-egg-offKiran's byline

Easter, as we all know, is the time to celebrate spring, eat copious amounts of chocolates and of course, celebrate having two days off! However, it’s also an eggcellent eggcuse (they get worse as it goes on) for some healthy competition in the form of… egg scenes!

So let’s get cracking! The challenge this time round was to create an eggsplosive egg scene. With no rules or restrictions, our contenders were free to come up with anything they wanted – but obviously nothing too eggstreme (keeping it PG13, folks)!

With no yolking around, it’s time to start: The Egg Off!

Josh G: A Series of Unfortunate Eggvents

The Leonardo DiCaprio of the lot, Josh has entered every Wowcher competition but has never scooped the winning spot, though his luck may be about to change. Going above and beyond all our eggspectations, he’s not only created an egg scene, he’s created a story. A tragic tale about a murdered egg, it takes us through his journey of betrayal by the police, a botched post-mortem and his gold digger egg-wife turning up at the funeral. All we can say is #RIPEGG.

Tom: Pineapple Eggpress

Not eggsactly a known combination, Tom decided to mix fruit and eggs to create his version of Pineapple Eggpress. Showing off his eggstravagent fruit carving skills, we’re sure Seth Rogan and James Franco would be proud. Does this crack you up? Do you think it’s a fineapple? Or are you simply terrifried?

Josh B: Daredeggvil

An egg by day and vigilante by night, fighting crime and rotten eggs once the sun goes down, Josh opted to create the Daredeggvil. Is this the hero Wowcher deserves, but not the one we need right now? It’s your choice.

Sophie: Eggsotic Dancers

Last but by no means least are Sophie’s Eggsotic Dancers. Do these sassy chicks make your egg hard boiled or leave your yolk runny? Or are you left feeling completely shell-shocked? You decide.

Once again the voting is down to you, our loyal Wowcher customers. We wish all our eggceptional contenders the best of luck, so get voting for your favourite and the winner will be announced after Easter. That’s all, yolks!