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The Wowcher Guide To: Looking After Your Pets!

There’s no doubt about it, we’re a nation of animal lovers. On these shores, if you aren’t armed with a hilarious video or snap of a dog or cat to share with your pals at all times, then frankly, it’s a wonder you have any friends at all. Around nine million UK households are home to dogs, while cats inhabit a not unimpressive eight million. In short, us Brits are suckers for four-legged critters. But how can we be sure we’re always giving our furry friends the best they deserve? Luckily, we’re on hand to offer you our guide to keeping your feisty felines and pawesome pooches happy. It’s the dogs… well, you know.

Keep them active
Before you object, teasing your pet with the sock you’ve just peeled off after a day at work does not count as adequate exercise. If you really want to put your animals through their paces, look no further. For dogs, you could always invest in a hands-free dog lead – great if you and your pooch hanker for some serious exercise. Or for cats, (brace yourselves here) you could get an activity playhouse! With your choice of three fun designs for pussykins to roam in (a car, plane or tank), you’ll have as much fun watching as your cat will have playing. Probably more, actually. Cats are ungrateful like that.

Valid in a choice of blue, pink, red and yellow, this hands-free dog lead makes taking your pooch for his walkies a whole lot easier

Valid in a choice of blue, pink, red and yellow, this hands-free dog lead makes taking your pooch for his walkies a whole lot easier!

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The Wowcher Guide To An Awesome Autumn

It’s that time of year again – the days are getting shorter, leg-shaving is becoming far less frequent and your freezer is storing fewer ice lollies and double the number of TV dinners. That’s right; autumn is slowly creeping up on us. It would be easy to sink into a deep and carb-filled depression but with Wowcher-style positivity on your side, we can think of plenty of reasons to rejoice over the colder months. Here’s just a few… Read more

Wowcher’s Hidden Venice (And Beyond)

Traditional Venice today can be a nightmare to navigate – especially during summer’s warm months, where tourists flock in their droves to take selfies in St Mark’s Square against the backdrop of gothic architecture that is the Basilica of San Marco and Doge’s Palace. However, there’s more to Venice than meets the eye, and here at Wowcher, we know exactly where you should head if you’re after a true (tourist-free) flavour of Venetian Italy…

Before you go exploring, first get your head around how Venice is divided. Think of it in the same way as you would think of New York, Paris and even London, which all have their structured street patterns – except Venice is a kind of archipelago, made up of lots of tiny islands that are divided by canals with hundreds of bridges (or dead ends). The one thing you won’t see in this city is a car! Read more

The Wowcher Guide To Back To School Supplies!

A new curriculum, a new term, new classmates and even new teachers, but the same sense of nervous excitement as the annual rituals that herald the arrival of the new school year begin again. The peaceful days of summer give way to autumnal rigours of learning and participating in a whole host of activities. It can be a nerve-wracking time for kids but it should always be an exciting one, and to get the most out of a new school year you need to be prepared! So tuck your shirt in, spit out your gum, accept that break-time is over and let Wowcher help you through the new school term preparation with our handy guide to the must-have items.

Having the right accessories is one way of feeling ready for the challenge of the new school term. A great place to start is with your bag, so why not get kitted out with a bag adorned with the über-trendy One Direction? Beyond the rucksack, a great way to stand out from the crowd is to have a fully personalised pencil case. This is a sure-fire way to guarantee that you’ll avoid the awkwardness of having the same pencil case as one of your peers (if memory serves us correctly, this is a major faux-pas). Finally, when it comes to the daily social experiment known as the lunch hall, you’ll do well to carry your sandwiches in style. Be seen with the coolest designs around with a selection of Disney character branded lunch boxes from Wowcher.

As the new school term approaches, you can give your kids a Disney treat to remember every lunchtime with these lovely lunchboxes!

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Wowcher’s Guide To: Cruises

We do a lot of cruise deals here at Wowcher, so to gain an insight into these so-called floating hotels, we asked our expert Hannah for her tips on what to really expect on-board…

If your idea of cruising equals a fear of being trapped on a boat with your Gran and all her mates, think again. While the older generations love to sail the seas, there are also plenty of young people who have cottoned on to this value-for-money, 24-hour food and drink culture too. And why wouldn’t you?

Today, everyone’s after a bargain. Primark’s always rammed, you can never find a table in Maccy D’s and don’t get me started on the bartering found at car boot sales (you want my Abercrombie hoody for 10p? I don’t think so). So when you come across a holiday deal that says it’s only a few hundred pounds for a week’s accommodation, all your meals, activities (if you choose to take part), nightlife and lots of picture-perfect places to see in one go, you’re thinking where’s the catch, right?

Forget the horror stories, it’s time to dispel a few myths about cruises… Read more

Wowcher’s Guide To Brilliant BBQ-ing!

Ah, summer. The season of sun-kissed skin, briefly requited love and infinite barbecues. But much like falling in love, only downright fools rush into hosting barbecues. However simple the idea of ‘mixing meat with fire’ may seem, an impromptu barbecue could end in disaster. Picture a singed lawn, food-poisoned friends, children choking on charred hot dogs and flustered neighbours flapping wet towels over the ashen remains of their fence. To prevent such catastrophic scenes from spoiling your summer, we’ve compiled a guide to hosting a seamless barbecue that’s sizzling for all the right reasons.

With six handy pockets for storing utensils, salt, pepper and more, the 7-piece BBQ tool and apron set ensures you’re fully prepared with all right equipment at the ready

With six handy pockets for storing utensils, salt, pepper and more, the 7-piece BBQ tool and apron set ensures you’re fully prepared with all the right equipment at the ready

There’s nothing worse than turning up at a barbecue and waiting hours for the host to get their, er, kit together, so ensure you’re fully prepared with all the right equipment at the ready. This seven-piece BBQ tool and apron set features six handy pockets for storing utensils, salt, pepper and more. Fasten the apron around your waist, so when that first burger reaches sizzling point, you can whip out the spatula from your groin and flamboyantly flip it to your first carnivorous guest. Better yet, the lockable wheels on this charcoal barbecue will ensure no burger or sausage can escape the spindly clutches of your utensils or the doughy arms of your buns.  Read more

Off The Beaten Track In Barcelona

Here at Wowcher, we’re all about thinking outside the box and nothing changes when it comes to our summer holidays. We like to maximise our beach breaks and city vacations by getting a real flavour of the area and exploring hidden gems as well as the major tourist attractions. Bustling Barcelona is one of Spain’s most culturally-rich hot spots for beach bathing, nightlife and history – but again, we strive to bring you the freshest and most exciting excursions…  Read more

Wowcher’s Guide To Stockholm

Built over the course of 14 islands, the archipelago city of Stockholm is a mirage of unrivalled shops, world-class restaurants and design hotels aplenty. A multi-ethnic mecca, Sweden’s cutting-edge capital exemplifies Scandinavia’s penchant for the contemporary. Innovative bars intermingle with traditional Swedish bakeries, clothing boutiques lie beside antiques stores. With a plethora of places to experience and things to discover, the question is, where to begin?

A vibrant meeting of the modern and the majestic, Northern Europe’s best-preserved medieval city features a multitude of enchanting sights. A nature enthusiast’s paradise, the island of Djurgården is no exception. Once the king’s private hunting ground, today it features Skansen, an open-air museum celebrating Swedish history, and the awe-inspiring Rosendal Palace. Take a picnic and enjoy the numerous Instagram opportunities that await.

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Wowcher Takes a Bite of the Big Apple

Image by Suzie Boswell

Image courtesy of Suzie Boswell

New York, New York… It barely needs an introduction, but now that Frank Sinatra is stuck in your head grinning and clicking in an inviting manner, he and those ‘little town blues’ can be hard to ignore. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best bites, sips and sights of The Big Apple ready for your next trip across the pond.

Food, Glorious Food
Some call it the city that never sleeps. But from personal experience, the city that eats and eats and eats is far more fitting. New York is a culinary playground for the hungry and is forever fusing cuisines, perhaps owing to its diverse demographics. Many gastro mishmashes have made their way to menus – bacon and maple syrup, fried chicken and waffles – you name the questionable combo, they’ve done it (and probably served it on a bed of pancakes with a blob of ice cream).

But New Yorkers aren’t limited to breakfast, lunch and dinner. No, the most important meal of the day is undeniably brunch. The best part about this jolly compromise between breakfast and lunch is that it’s completely acceptable to quaff cocktails like there’s no afternoon, evening or tomorrow, and many brunch joints (such as East Village café Sidewalk) will even serve unlimited refills. From Bellinis to Martinis, the cocktails scene starts flowing at 9am and ends at… well, never. So when you’re feasting on eggs benedict, remember it’d be rude not to invite Bloody Mary along. Read more

What Did A TEFL Course Ever Do For Us? Wowcher’s Guide To TEFL…

To teach or not to teach, that is a question? Here’s another question, what’s in it for you? We often hear stories about the alternative teaching experience, of teaching English, not from the perspective of a regular UK school syllabus, but as a foreign language. The important thing to think about is how a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification can benefit you? Perhaps you’ve seen one of the great TEFL course deal packages on or you’ve heard about it from a friend. Well here is Wowcher’s guide to the benefits of a TEFL qualification and how it can open doors for you across the world… Read more