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The Breakfast of Champions


Bathe in the glory of the Olympic stadium and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as you tuck into East London’s newest bottomless brunch… Offering stunning views over a sprawling Stratford, as well as fabulous fare and beautiful bubbles, the new Sunday brunch at Holiday Inn Stratford City is not to be missed this spring. Hidden among the busy shops, restaurants and bars of the bustling …

The Anti-Lent Guide


If you’ve always treated Lent as a second attempt at your New Year’s resolutions (including your yearly effort to stop consuming your weekly allowance of chocolate-based calories during one Netflix binge) then it might be time to give up the good fight. In a world with Trump, Brexit and no Bowie, maybe 2017 should be the year of being kind to ourselves. And what better …

The 12 Days of Wowcher Christmas


Twelve Bruts a- fizzing…  Eleven cubes a- clicking… Ten pairs of lashes… Nine lovely leggings… Eight beers a- brewing… Seven studs a- shining… Six wines a- sparkling… Five bottle lights… Four Christmas mugs… Three model trains… Two Pyrex trays… And a joke potato in a white box! Please note that all deals featured may not be live.

Win a Year’s Worth of Wowchers!


There’s nothing we love more than a bit of competition, except maybe looking after our customers, so what better way to give back to you than by offering you the chance to win something? Today we launched Win a Year of Wowchers, which is, as the name suggests, a chance for you to win wowchers every month for 12 months! In case you were thinking …

Wowcher Reviews Bottomless Brunch at the London Elizabeth


When you think of the term ‘brunch’, what comes to mind? An eggstravagant event in one’s social calendar, where drunken stories from the night before are exchanged over some poached eggs and OJ? Well, now it seems ‘brunch’ is an overused and clichéd thing to do in London. I mean, eggs are eggs, whether they’re Benedict, Royale or Florentine. It seems that what was once …

Wowcher Reviews One Twenty One Two Restaurant at the Royal Horseguards Hotel


When you live in the dizzying and often daunting metropolis of London, it’s too easy to slip into a routine – sticking to tried-and-tested restaurants and bars, lazing indoors at the weekends and seeing any tube journey that crosses the Thames as a daring odyssey into the unknown. At Wowcher (often guilty of this ourselves!), we’re always looking for exciting new experiences and undiscovered spots …

Wowcher’s Guide to Afternoon Tea Week

The Amba Hotel, Charing Cross

There is an endless list of stereotypes about British life and people – a love of queuing, gabbing about the weather and having disastrously bad teeth, to name but a few. Some seem rather ill conceived (the latter), but some, it has to be said, are bang on the money, namely our unfading, eternal love of tea. We seem to love our tea more than …