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What to expect when you’re expecting? Q&A with Dr Denis Walsh


Itchy skin, embarrassing symptoms, mood swings, breastfeeding worries… There’s a lot going on when there’s a baby on the way. So expert midwife Denis Walsh joined us for an hour-long Q&A on our Facebook page to answer your pregnancy questions!

However, before the Q&A began a bit of a debate kicked off about whether or not men should be midwives. Dr Denis stepped in, saying:

“You are right, a male midwife cannot ‘fully understand’ but from my experience and that of other male midwives, most women want kindness, compassion and empathy, plus knowledge so I think we get pretty close to that in comparison, say to a female midwife who has not had children.”

Debate aside, here’s what the expert midwife had to say to our Facebook fans: Read more