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Wowcher Does… Movember: Week Three


Week three sees us enter the final stretch of a situation that has become hairy, to say the least. Some of us have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and have begun to have a little fun with our furry facial additions, whereas others have sunk even further into a deep malaise. ‘It’s for men’s health awareness,’ we keep telling ourselves. ‘It’s …

Wowcher Does… Movember: Week Two


Week two of the Great* Wowcher Movember Pledge of 2017 and already a deep malaise has set in. While the ‘taches themselves are sporadically impressive, the last week has seen it increasingly hard to avoid the fact that we have to live with this for over two more weeks. We’re not even half way yet. We committed to this hairy nightmare, and we still have …

Wowcher Does… Movember: Week One


It’s been a week since the boys – sorry, men – of Wowcher have cast off their designer stubble and taken their first big steps towards growing some serious facial hair. Taking heed from the great moustaches of our time – the Robert Redfords and the Burt Reynoldses and the Ron Swansons – they have preened and pruned, groomed and combed and, in some cases, …