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Get Your Skelet-On This Halloween!


It sucks when you know you’re too old for trick or treating, but still get more excited than kids when the day arrives. Luckily, God (or someone) invented clubs, house parties, gatherings and most of all, booze, so us ‘adults’ can still have a good time come 31st October. When it comes to costumes there are endless possibilities. Do we impersonate our favourite celeb, team …

Wowcher’s Guide To Halloween Costumes


Need some last minute Halloween costume inspiration? You’ve come to the right place… Karen from ‘Mean Girls’. You’ll just need a pair of mouse ears, blonde wig and constant vacant stare for this one. Zombie Minnie Mouse Throw on anything polka dot and then go wild with the make up. Need a little help? Then head to a two hour Halloween SFX makeup masterclass with …

Who’s The PumpKing or Queen of Wowcher?


With Halloween creeping in, we’ve got so many frightfully wonderful things to look forward to that it’s hard to contain our excitement. Fancy dress, tonnes of sweets, the black bun Halloween Whopper at Burger King… and pumpkin carving, of course! Back in the day, pumpkin carving was simple. You cut the top off, scooped out the insides, cut three triangles on the front (two eyes …