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Wowcher Gets Crafty at Christmas


Christmas is literally just around the corner, and we can hardly wait! Stockings have been artfully sewn, presents put under the tree, the Christmas cake has been soaking up all the good stuff for at least a month, and every mantelpiece and banister is adorned with handmade decorations… No? Well you’d better get cracking then! If you still haven’t got all your pressies or you’re …

Wowcher Does Christmas Jumpers


It wouldn’t be Christmas without festive cheer, mince pies… and, well, exploitation over our somewhat ludicrous decision to comply with the “tradition” that is Christmas jumpers. Nevertheless, as I am sharing an office with elves this year, I am shunning inner humbug and taking part in the tradition for an excellent cause, determined to make myself less of a Grinch. But before what is meant …

Wowcher’s Top Picks: Gift Experiences For Her


There’s just over a week left ’til Christmas and the countdown is officially on – the Christmas tunes are on full blast, the shops are piled high with tins of Quality Street, and all present-buying panic stations have well and truly set in. But what on earth do you get the girl in your life who has everything? Whilst slippers are indeed very cosy and a …

The 12 Christmas Movies of Wowcher


Merry greetings to you all, Wowcher blog readers! Tis’ the season for mulled wine, mince pies and, of course, Christmas movies. We all have our ‘go-to’ festive flicks that we like to watch every year without fail, be it favourites from childhood or more recent releases. This being the case, we had the idea of finding out what the most popular Christmas film amongst all of us …

The 12 Days of Wowcher Christmas


Twelve Bruts a- fizzing…  Eleven cubes a- clicking… Ten pairs of lashes… Nine lovely leggings… Eight beers a- brewing… Seven studs a- shining… Six wines a- sparkling… Five bottle lights… Four Christmas mugs… Three model trains… Two Pyrex trays… And a joke potato in a white box! Please note that all deals featured may not be live.

£10 Steals for Office Secret Santa


Have you pulled the short straw at Secret Santa? Not sure what to get the guy you’ve never spoken to in the cubicle beside you? Fear not! Wowcher’s got you covered with Secret Santa presents to suit all co-workers for under £10. Make sure you’ve got the perfect present, no matter whose name you draw… For the one who always brings a packed lunch: The …

10 Things We’re NOT Looking Forward To This Christmas & New Year


Here at Wowcher, we love Christmas – really, we do. But, every year those same nitty gritty things that irritate you surface once again. You may not even notice them because you’re so caught up in a whirl of Christmas spirit, but we’ve come up with a list of ten things we’re not looking forward to this Christmas and new year (bah, humbug): 1. Last-minute …