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The Anti-Lent Guide


If you’ve always treated Lent as a second attempt at your New Year’s resolutions (including your yearly effort to stop consuming your weekly allowance of chocolate-based calories during one Netflix binge) then it might be time to give up the good fight. In a world with Trump, Brexit and no Bowie, maybe 2017 should be the year of being kind to ourselves. And what better …

Laters, Lent! 5 Things You Should Bring Back for Easter


Ah, Lent! The time of year you see people cry over bars of chocolate in the supermarket, wailing about how much they want a Wispa, caressing Crunchie packets and attempting to smell a Snickers through the plastic (OK, maybe not, but this is probably happening inside their heads as they resolutely walk past the chocolate aisle). Although Lent is traditionally religious – marking the 40 …

Giving You an ‘Awww’ a Day!


Spring has finally sprung and we’ve been blessed with blue skies. So here at Wowcher we’ve hatched a plan to share our Easter essentials, as told to you through our favourite medium: baby animal photos! So fluffy. So cute. So informative… Give in to your cravings Easter eggs galore and chocolate bunnies aplenty, Easter is the time when our sweet tooth starts grinning and our …