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Wowcher Tries… Scary Beauty Products

Scary beauty products

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a good beauty trend. After years of late nights, smoking and hungover Sundays filled with nothing but day-old takeaway and regret, I’ll try anything in an attempt to shed my swamp-monster weekend self and appear at least vaguely human come Monday morning. The only problem is that a lot of this new-fangled technology that’s out …

Summer Beauty Wrapped Up

banner sb clinic

If like us, the recent sunshine has got you thinking about festivals, summer soirees and hitting the beach, you’ll be looking forward to shaking off the layers and saying hello to your summer wardrobe. Everyone wants to feel good in their skin and an extra confidence boost can make all the difference. We headed down to SB Aesthetic Clinic for the 90-minute slimming pamper package …

5 Tips to Beating the Winter Blues!

5 ways to beat the winter blues

Well, it’s that time of year again. The days are shorter, you’re constantly craving comfort food, leaves are left everywhere in a sodden mess on the ground and you can’t go anywhere without three scarves on. Welcome back winter! We missed you, big guy. If the post-holiday blues have hit you hard this year, we might have the solutions to help you conquer the cold …

The 12 Days of Wowcher Christmas


Twelve Bruts a- fizzing…  Eleven cubes a- clicking… Ten pairs of lashes… Nine lovely leggings… Eight beers a- brewing… Seven studs a- shining… Six wines a- sparkling… Five bottle lights… Four Christmas mugs… Three model trains… Two Pyrex trays… And a joke potato in a white box! Please note that all deals featured may not be live.

Wowcher goes Loco for Coconut Oil


In a world where we’re bombarded with lotions and potions promising to plump our skin, treat our tresses and make us glow, it’s surprising how hard it is to find a product that actually works. Sometimes going back to basics is exactly what we need – after all, mother (Mother Nature that is!) knows best. So with that in mind, we’ve cleared our cluttered cupboards …

Wowcher Reviews Smooth You Town Spa


As kids, we all learned the rules of the road: stop, look and listen. For the blog this week, I went on a mission to Smooth You Town Spa to find out all about the rules of hair… cut, blow dry and condition! Going for the chop can be risky business and sitting for hours, making awkward small talk then grimacing as your hairdresser completely …