Wowcher’s Guide To: a Silentnight®

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Did you know that about a third of our lives are spent in bed? More specifically, that’s about 200,000 hours. While we can all agree that it’s time well spent, it’s important to make sure your bed is perfect for you. But how are we supposed to know which one that is? After all, we’re not just talking about old school sprung mattress anymore – we now sleep in a world of high-tech memory foam, latex, zone support systems and all sorts of fancy bits and bobs for the land of nod. Well, the handy Wowcher guide to the Silentnight® range of mattresses should be enough to put that question to bed once and for all…

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Comfortable Mattress
Aptly named, the Comfort is basically made up of a high density foam known as Miratex® (already sounding fancy, right?). What it does is support your body full from the very edge of the mattress – that means any fidgety sleepers out there (yeah, you!) can rest easy wherever they end up in the bed.
Memory Foam
Now this one you should be a bit more familiar with. A big feature of Memory Foam is that it’s temperature sensitive, so it’ll mould to your body shape exactly each night. It may be a wee bit chilly when you climb into it, but overnight will warm up accordingly with your own body temperature. A great thing about the foam moulding to your body is that it will release any pressure on achy joints, forming a nice little groove for you.
7 Zone Memory Foam
Now we’re talking, baby! The 7 Zoned Support system combines Comfort Foam and Miratex Memory Foam for the ultimate cushiony support. Plus, it’s specially tailored to what’s known as your support zones – these are basically 7 key areas of your body, ranging from your head and neck all the way down to your feet – and the 7 Zone Mattress is specially designed to support each and every one of them! Seven heaven…


But what do all these mattresses have in common? Well, aside from your 5-year guarantee, there’s two big features that’ll make certain those forty winks are in the bag. They are:

Purotex® – Allergy UK approved probiotics will keep these mattresses fresh, healthy and dust mite-free. As you sleep, your body pressure will activate the mattress’ friendly bacteria to shoo off any harmful bacteria that may have crept in there. In a nutshell, those bed bugs won’t be bothering you any time soon!

Soft knit covers – these soft knit quilted covers will give you that little extra bit of comfort come bed time. You lucky thing, you.

So there you have it, Wowcher’s guide to a Silentnight. Now you’ve got the perfect mattress in mind, why not pair it with the perfect bed? If only there was some sort of website where you could pick one up