Royal Oil: Beauty the Middleton way…

argan oil - blush look

‘Postpartum’; a filthy word to most that calls to mind images of biblical pestilence and all-round aesthetic doom. Most mothers will tell you that other than the joy of embracing their new-born creation, childbirth takes a significant toll on one’s physical appearance. Changes to your body include skin discolouration, hair loss and other horrors – so how on earth did our very own Kate Middleton emerge from the birthing room with her ever-glossy locks and a fresh face?

If the rumours are anything to go by, we’re thinking her not-so-secret magic potion may well be the much talked about argan oil. Boasting a plethora of benefits, this miraculous oil can be used not only as a hair treatment, but also masquerades as a face mask, leave-in conditioner and a face & lip moisturiser (we know right?!). And it would seem that Kate isn’t the only public figure to get in on this handy beauty gem; other adherents to the ‘argan administration’ include Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Eva Mendes. So how can you join the celeb crew, you ask? Well, whilst we can’t tell you the exact brand each of them use, we can point you in the right direction with this 100ml Moroccan Argan Treatment Oil from BlushLook.

The best part? If all these additions to your beauty regimen get you peckish, a little birdy tells us that a drop of argan oil over a salad not only beats stress but adds a unique flavour. Yummy in our tummy and on our tresses – where can we sign up?