Nifty Gifts: 10 Gifts for under £20


Black Friday is over! The weekend of discounts is over! Cyber Monday is over! But at Wowcher the deals are never over! Worried you missed out on the best way to buy great Christmas presents at great Christmas prices? Fret not. We’ve compiled a list so good that even Santa won’t need to check twice: 10 Christmas gifts for under £20. These gift ideas will help you shower her, him, the kids or the whole family, with love without reigning in the bills. It’s said that ‘it’s the thought that counts’ but we’ve been counting our pennies and reckon you’ll get a lot more for a lot less with your wow a day! So sit back, relax and let us do all the work…

For Her
Every girl might enjoy belting out Mariah Carey to her lover: ‘All I want for Christmas is you… getting me the perfect present, mmmkay?!’ But what is the perfect present? And at what cost? Despite Earth Kitt’s claims, a yacht really is a lot and a ring on the phone is much easier than the other kind of ring. So here are our suggestions:



Diamonds say ‘I love you’, flowers say ‘I’m sorry’ and clothes say ‘you’re perfect’. If you’re stuck on ideas, you just can’t go wrong with a warm, cosy winter coat. If you plan on walking in a winter wonderland, make sure she’s wrapped up in something to be proud of!
Fancy indulging her a little more? Pair the coat with some warm winter boots and she’ll be over the moon!



As cute as the nickname ‘Stinky’ might seem to you, girls rarely appreciate it. Enter perfume. Du parfum, parfüm, perfumy – loved across the world as a spritz a day keeps the stink a bay! Perfume smells good, but more often than not the price has one terrible stench. Enter Wowcher. Equip your Christmas tree stock with an Agent Provocateur EDP or a Katy Perry Royal Revolution EDP and you can be sure that she’ll find you scent-sational.



With the Great British Bake Off inspiring us all to blow the dust off our aprons and return to indulging in home-baked goodies, and Master Chef encouraging us all to create masterpiece dinners, a cooking-related gift will definitely go down exceptionally well! If she’s the next Mary Berry, she’ll love this 100-piece cake decorating kit, or if she’s more of a Nigella, why not try a personalised chopping board? Knife!



And speaking of Nigella… While you were all oogling at her ‘bulging mince pies’ and her ‘gorgeous golden globules’, we’ve been distracted by her interest in something just as creative and perhaps a little less suggestive: the adult colouring book. Christmas can be stressful and sometimes all we want is to curl up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea (or wine?) and relax. Treat your lady to some stress relief with an anti-stress adult colouring book and add some calm to the holiday season.



Simply put, we all love a good massage. The deep relaxation you feel as the tension in your muscles is rubbed away is universally blissful. And for the lady stressing over the perfect Christmas, there’s no better way to say ‘I love you’ than be giving her a hand (or two!) to untie those multi-tasker knots! Never mind the yacht, the deed, we’d prefer a knead.

For Him
We know that buying gifts for men can be such a pain. Girls? No problem! Kids? Even easier! But men? There are only so many times you can give an ‘I.O.U.’ coupon and hope that sexy lingerie will distract long enough to move away from the topic. Safe to say, we could all use a few gift ideas for men. So we bring you, five suggestions under £20 that will put a smile across your man’s face on Christmas morning:



If he’s always late, always forgets what time it is, what day it is, and forgets the special days, don’t put a lump of coal in his stocking. Try something else that’ll make him tick and perhaps he’ll be on time. A timepiece to be proud of could be the perfect gift. Practical and fashionable.



We’ve established that girls don’t like to be called “Stinky” but they also don’t like their men being called it either. With a similar solution you should get your man a scent-sational gift (it is my favourite pun) that will blow him away. Our recommendation is the classic and delicious Davidoff Cool Water aftershave. Forever cool, this refreshing fragrance is just phenomenal.

3. PEN


If he’s a go-go-gadget kind of guy, who could try his hand at love letters for you, this 8-in-1 multi-tool pen could be just the tick! Perfect if you want to keep him tinkering and th-ink-ing of ways to show you how he’ll love you until the p-end!



More of a suave criminal than a dorky detective? He will simply love these personalised cufflinks. Perfect if you want to tick ‘practical’ and ‘personal’ in one go!



For a gift with a twist, you could treat him to an experience packed with adrenaline-pumping action: Paintballing. From the lads in Big Bang Theory using their superior intellect and strategy, to Heath Ledger romancing Julia Stiles at a paintball centre in 10 Things I Hate About You, everyone finds paintball a fun and exciting way to spend an afternoon. If you don’t like the sound of getting chased around while balls of paint are fired at you from all directions, never fear. With this paintball experience he can bring up to nine friends, so you can opt out of this lads day out and treat yourself to some you-time. Phew!

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