New Year, New You, New Job (We’re looking at you, José Mourinho…)


Everyone’s eyes are on José Mourinho right now. Where will he go? Who will he manage? What will happen to Chelsea now he’s gone? Will he beat Wowcher’s CEO Phillip Schofield for the title of sexiest silver fox of 2016? Only time will tell. If, like José, you’re after a change in career this new year, then check out these deals…


Work it, José! A puffa jacket never looked so good. (mourinho_official/Instagram)

Sports Nutrition Course

We don’t generally like to compare men to meat, but boy oh boy, José is one lean piece of steak. Am I right, ladies? But why would he keep all of his nutrition secrets to himself? Isn’t that a little rude? I bet Arsene Wenger wouldn’t do that. With the help of this CPD-accredited online sports nutrition course, he’d still be able to impart his wisdom onto athletes, just in a slightly different way. Sure, this deal has Mourinho written all over it, but if you’ve got a knack for nutrition, it could be perfect for you, too.

Criminology & Profiling Course


José has already seen his fair share of crimes on the football pitch, so we think he’d take to this career like a duck to water. He can naturally progress from understanding the motivation of his team to understanding the motivations of infamous, hardened criminals. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to, right? Maybe not, but there’s only one way to find out! Of course, this deal isn’t just for ex-Chelsea managers, it could also be perfect for aspiring policeman, investigators, and forensics experts. Did anyone see the latest episode of Silent Witness? You could be the next Dr. Nikki.

Advanced Management Leadership Development Course

So Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck doesn’t think José has what it takes to manage the team. But don’t just sit there, José, prove him wrong with this leadership development course! That’ll show him! Boy, would Buck’s face be red…

Foraging Bushcraft Course

We’re sure José will land on his feet, but just in case he ends up wandering through the woods looking for berries he hopes aren’t poisonous, we thought we’d recommend this foraging deal. Not only could he learn how to scout edible treats and medicinal plants from the forest floor, but he’d then be able to eat his foraged findings as a regional Masterchef finalist cooks up a delicious lunch. Sound good? Get in on the action and you might even spot a wild Mourinho…

‘Revamp Your Wardrobe’ Course

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How about something completely out of left field, such as this ‘Revamp Your Wardrobe’ course. Don’t you think this deal just screams José? Join him as he throws out his Chelsea gilet and replaces it with a chunky knitted cardigan. Come on, it’s probably about time you threw out your Spice Girls crop top from 1999 anyway…

CV Writing & LinkedIn Masterclass

Just in case you and José aren’t entirely convinced by these career prospects, we’ve even bagged this deal to help you to revamp your CV and LinkedIn profile. What are you waiting for? Say goodbye to your annoying co-workers already and get on the new year, new job train! Choo-choo!

Please note: All deals featured may not be live.