New Year, New You!


Has the festive season left you feeling sluggish, bloated, sleepy and about one mince pie away from rocking in the corner in a sugar-induced coma? Then it sounds like you need to dedicate some quality time to getting back in touch with your inner loveliness. Out with the old habits, in with the New Year and New You! Here at Wowcher, we’re with you every step of the way, and are going to be trying our gosh-darned hardest to practise what we preach, too! Check out our five steps for New Year magic in 2016…


Step One – Drink more water!

We’re not suggesting you put down the gin and tonic (we really, really love gin and tonics), we’re just saying if you’re going to be working out harder, you want skin that glows or you need a way to ease the sting of that hangover, H20 is the way to go. We’ve got a way to make this one nice and easy – ditch your lunchtime bottle of chemical-licious soft drink and pack your favourite flavours into a fruit-infusing water bottle! With infinite tasty combinations to try, you’ll easily get through your daily two litres. Our favourite mixes include strawberry, basil and cucumber, tropical mango and peach, and watermelon and mint!


Step Two – Get more sleep!

There’s not much use in aiming to change your habits if you’re too knackered to get anything done. An imperative step to giving yourself some TLC and making sure you’re ready and raring to speed down the road to self-improvement is to, quite simply, get enough sleep! Make sure your dreaming is dreamy by shutting out the light with some blackout curtains, snuggling up luxuriously on a Cool Blue memory foam mattress and staying roasty-toasty with a thermal fleece underblanket. (Or, if your sleepless nights are down in part to the snoring wildebeest next to you, might we suggest an orthopaedic anti-snore pillow instead…) You’ll be on track to eight hours before you know it!


Step Three – Do more exercise!

It’s not all about how you look – it’s about how you feel, and we all know that whenever we turn off Netflix, reluctantly lace up our trainers and brave the running track, we end up feeling great. Track your progress with an activity bracelet and make sure you look the part with some beaut new workout trainers, and you’ll be good to go! With great exercise classes cropping up all the time on Wowcher, you’re sure to find something fantastic in a city near you. The hardest step is the one out the front door, remember! (That said, if you really can’t make it over the threshold to the great outdoors, get your hands on some easy-to-use resistance bands, fire up a Spotify workout playlist and crack on with it in your living room.)  


Step Four – Eat better! 

So you’re well rested, totally hydrated and queen of the workout? Claps for you! Now you just have to make sure that you’re fuelling your finesse rather than filling up on fatty snacks and sweet treats that are going to make you lag and stop you reaching your full potential. Get the glow with greens, blending them into a juice or smoothies with a multi-purpose blender, or rustle up hearty and healthy soups in a Morphy Richards soup maker. You can even cut the calories by ditching oil with a FlavorCHEF™ six-in-one cooker, featuring a clamshell design and a non-stick coating. Why not make 2016 the year to try out a firm foodie trend – protein pancakes? These ones even come in white chocolate and raspberry flavour…


Step Five – Add a little boost!

If you’re going full throttle and giving it your all, but you’re looking for a helping hand to max out the chances of hitting your New You peak, why not consider trying out a supplement? From the popular raspberry ketones and colon cleanse capsules to a whole ‘weight management’ and toning bundle, we’ve got a huge range from top, trusted suppliers that aim to help you on your journey.


Secret Step Six – Relax!

Just like your mama always told you, you can only try your best! Sometimes a whole evening binging on Netflix or a night out with the girls is just what the doctor ordered! Give yourself a break when you need one, forget always trying to ‘do more’, have a night off and remember you’re lovely just the way you are. Happy New Year!

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