£10 Steals for Office Secret Santa


Have you pulled the short straw at Secret Santa? Not sure what to get the guy you’ve never spoken to in the cubicle beside you? Fear not! Wowcher’s got you covered with Secret Santa presents to suit all co-workers for under £10. Make sure you’ve got the perfect present, no matter whose name you draw…

For the one who always brings a packed lunch: The DIY Sushi Maker


While you’re bingeing on Netflix, they’re perfecting their stir frys; while you grab a sandwich from Pret, they’re bringing in their own homemade leftovers. Give the chef in your office a new challenge by giving them this DIY sushi maker – perfect for making precisely-packed sashimi rolls!

For the office Mum: Christmas Crystal Bell Brooch


She makes the tea, ensures everyone’s included, and always has pictures of her kids or cats ready to be shown. She’s probably already decorated her desk with fairy lights and a mini Christmas tree! Feed into her holiday spirit with this Christmas crystal bell brooch, and be sure to include a pun in the card about “ringing” in the New Year in style!

The one you don’t know. Like, at all: Creative Build-on-Brick Mug


Have you drawn a name for Secret Santa that made you say, “…who?” Fear not! If you’ve seen your co-worker drink tea once, you can justify this present. Clearly the perfect pick for anyone who likes procrastinating during tea-time (and who doesn’t?) this is a gift that says, “I may not know you, but I know that everyone loves Lego. Merry Christmas!”

The one who always complains how cold the office is: Stylish Faux Fur Fingerless Gloves


The heat may never be high enough for her, but now you can help her beat the winter blues with fingerless gloves! Fluffy (for warmth) and fingerless (so she doesn’t have to slow down typing), these are a thoughtful present for the temperature-challenged in your office.

The one for the boss: Personalised Photo Snow Dome


If you’ve been assigned the head of the company, it can be a bit of a minefield getting the perfect present. But a desk ornament that reminds them they’re number one is always a good idea! We recommend this personalised photo snow dome – fill it with a picture of the last company team-building exercise or party, and put something in the card about Who’s the Boss. The perfect part of giving something that lives on a desk? They’ll be reminded of you every time they look down at it (making it a great way to suck up all year long).

So there you have it, great gifts for every co-worker that aren’t boring old soap and lotion sets – you’re sure to be the office darling this year! And, if you still need sort out the family and friends’ presents, just keep checking Wowcher.co.uk for more top treats for under the tree!

Please note all deals featured may not be live.