Rock n’ Roll Cricket: The NatWest T20 Blast

I tend to think that cricket is the greatest thing that God ever created on earth – certainly greater than sex, although sex isn’t too bad either” – Harold Pinter

When it comes to the UK’s favourite summer sport, we all have our preconceptions. For you, cricket might conjure up images of neatly creased and ironed white kit, dappled sunlight on freshly cut grass, a rosy red ball to match the ruddy cheeks of the players, and the familiar thud of leather on willow. You might think of a gentle summer’s day enjoyed in leisurely style, as spectators and players alike break for tea to tuck into cucumber sandwiches and real ale. Well, prepare to have your notions of sleepy, boring cricket smashed. The grand old sport has entered the 21st century with an explosive short-form game known as Twenty20. And what with Wowcher offering tickets to see the Birmingham Bears in action, we thought we’d help you swot up on just what you’re missing!

Fun for all the family
As with everything, cricket moved with the times to appeal to younger audiences. Twenty20 cricket offers an evening or afternoon (of manageable length – no three-to-five day marathons here!) that is exciting and fun for everyone aged 1-101. Certainly no longer the preserve of foppish posh boys with bouncy hair, Twenty20 matches showcase just how fun the sport can be, offering great quality entertainment for all the family at an affordable price.


Colours, colours everywhere
With Twenty20 cricket, gone are the white kits, red balls and wooden stumps of days gone by. These modern games are played with a white ball, blue stumps and bright, colourful kits, more like football or rugby. Plus, the games are often held in the evenings, under bright floodlights for a dazzling display with more of the atmosphere of a baseball match. Expect plenty of entertainment around the sporting action, with music pumping from speakers in breaks of play.

cricket2Short-form means high tempo
Whereas test cricket matches can stretch over five days and require endurance, strategy and patience on behalf of both players and spectators alike, Twenty20 cricket is all about speed and power. With just twenty overs (an over is a period of six balls being bowled, for the uninitiated) per team, Twenty20 matches last a fraction of the time of a traditional match and require the batsmen to accumulate as many runs as possible in a short space of time, meaning much more exciting play. Expect batsmen to take risks, going for big, powerful shots that sail around the ground to the delight of the crowd in the hope of making four or six runs. Every run counts, so fielders will be quick off the mark and the pace of the game never drops as teams hurry to score runs and take wickets. Even those with the shortest attention span can’t help but be glued to the action over the course of two action-packed innings.

NatWest T20 Blast
The NatWest T20 competition is England’s leading tournament of this new style of 20-over cricket and features all the country’s top county teams. With games often held on Friday nights, it’s the perfect way to end the week. People of all ages will love watching athletic and skilled sportsmen smash the ball high into the stands in a nail-bitingly close run chase, or seeing a bowler deliver at 90 miles an hour when it really counts. Let the amazing and unique atmosphere of a T20 Blast match help you fall in love with the modern game of cricket, and banish all your notions of the sport being old-fashioned and stuffy.

Fancy taking in some cricketing action? You could be at the iconic Edgbaston Cricket Ground to watch the Birmingham Bears compete in the NatWest T20 Blast tournament against one of their three biggest rivals. Choose to get a standard ticket or an upgraded Skyline ticket to one of the following matches:

  • Birmingham Bears vs. Nottinghamshire Outlaws (12th June 2015, 6.30pm)
  • Birmingham Bears vs. Leicestershire Foxes (19th June 2015, 6.30pm)
  • Birmingham Bears vs. Yorkshire Vikings (21st June 2015, 2.30pm)

With big names, bigger hits and bowling and fielding so fast you’ll blink and miss it, the T20 blast is a cricketing experience unlike any other. If you upgrade for a Skyline terrace ticket, you’ll enjoy premium rooftop seating, a complimentary drink, access to a Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bar and a BBQ voucher. To find out more, just click here.

cricket1So there you have it, the Wowcher guide to the NatWest T20 Blast and short-form cricket in general. For all the sports and entertainment deals make sure you stay with!