Keep The Kids Busy This Summer!


Back in our day (sigh), you could give kids a bucket and a stick and they’d happily spend hours re-enacting a jousting competition in the street. These days, if you give them a bucket and a stick, they’ll either cry or work themselves in a frenzy looking for the ‘ON’ button. Hopscotch and British Bulldog have been replaced by Playstations and iPads, and with such a surplus of interactive entertainment, there’s even more pressure on adults to be creative and amuse their little ones this summer holiday. One solution is to lock them in their bedroom with a laptop, give them the Wi-Fi password, slide snacks under the door every few hours and only open the bedroom door at the start of September when term begins. Although tempting, we think we’ve come up with a series of slightly more humane ways to entertain the kids this summer…

Summer holidays are generally a time to give tanks so where better than Tank Mania in Leicestershire to stuff your little one in an ex-military vehicle and send them off to war for a few hours. We promise they’ll come back in one piece! Alternatively, if your Call-of-Duty-playing rugrat craves some hands-on action, why not up the ante and take them to a paintballing arena. With 29 nationwide locations spread across the country, this also gives you a chance to suit up and pop a paint pellet in their posterior for every time they received a bad report card at school.

If your little monkey spends most of their time flinging things against walls like a caged animal then maybe it’s time to release them into their natural habitat – the farm! One of our favourites is Old MacDonald’s Farm, boasting 20 acres of adventure, fairground rides, and of course plenty of furry friends. Show them what it’s like to have to deal with something that doesn’t talk much and just expects to be constantly fed and entertained. For more high-octane fun, give your little nippers a glimpse of professional clowning around with a trip to Russells International Circus in Kettering. They might not appreciate you juggling work life and home life but we’re sure they’ll absolutely love a clown throwing a bunch of colourful skittles around. And although jumping through hoops at home goes virtually unnoticed, the airborne antics of tricky trapeze artists will render the kids speechless for at least a couple of hours.


As well as fun days out, you could also make the most of your garden at home, teach your kids the art of boules or set up a treasure hunt. Make sure the final piece of treasure is very well hidden / invisible and you should have time for a couple hours’ kip. If you’re feeling confident, you could even risk taking you little nippers on a short beach break or a family camping trip. Make sure they do a lot of swimming and running around and hopefully they’ll crash by about 6pm. Then you can retake life by the horns and party into the night – not too hard though as sorting out the children’s’ breakfast on a hangover is about as fun as having to do your tax returns whilst trapped in a stuffy closet with Alan Carr.

And so there you have it – some ideas to keep the little ones busy during the summer holiday. Please note – all deals featured may not be live. But with exciting new deals being added daily, keep an eye out on for some super summer ideas!