I believe that is called ‘Al Fresco’ – Afternoon Tea @ The Thistle Hotel


Although I cannot in full honesty say that the sun was in the sky, the fluctuating London weather did not in any way subtract from our excursion to the Thistle Hotel. ‘Luxury’ and ‘decadence’ were just two of the words that spring to mind, accompanied only by the phrase ‘attentive customer service’. With two locations tucked away amidst the tourist hotspot that is Piccadilly Circus, the Thistle Hotel presented not only divine décor but a sumptuous spread of delicacies. Having the opportunity to sample both afternoon tea and the lunch time menu, I was overwhelmed with an explosion of rich flavours.

A fan of people watching, I enjoyed the opportunity to tuck in to afternoon tea whilst seated at the newly refurbished terrace. The hustle and bustle of London streets served as a unique backdrop to my dining experience. For the main course, a change of scenery was in order, and that is how I found myself in the soft lighting of the ‘House Lounge’. Seated on plush, red leather upholstery in an intimate underground room, you would presume that my surroundings were somewhat claustrophobic, but <i>au contraire</i>, my friends. Instead, my dining companions and I were greatly impressed by the grand screen which projected scenes from the surrounding area, thus simulating a typical London view without the accompanying noise, allowing for a chit and indeed a chat. If you ever find yourself in the area and suffering from those pesky hunger pangs, I would most definitely recommend the scallops as an entrée and the pork loin with red wine jus. If Lily Allen was right about anything, it is her portrayal of London town; why, oh why would we want to be anywhere else?

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