Giving You an ‘Awww’ a Day!



Spring has finally sprung and we’ve been blessed with blue skies. So here at Wowcher we’ve hatched a plan to share our Easter essentials, as told to you through our favourite medium: baby animal photos! So fluffy. So cute. So informative…

Give in to your cravings


Easter eggs galore and chocolate bunnies aplenty, Easter is the time when our sweet tooth starts grinning and our dessert stomachs grumble. So don’t punish yourself, give in to those cravings and treat yourself to chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. After all, it might not be around forever…

Dress to impress


Date night or mate night, Easter is prime time to get your glam gear on and make yourself feel your best. Sure, we love our onesies and our eyes water when we yawn because we miss our beds and that makes us sad, but when you look fabulous it definitely makes you feel fabulous too. So slip on your favourite dress or strut your stuff with those new shoes you’ve had your eye on. Do. Your. Thang.

Catch some zzz’s


The times are a-changin’ on 27th March when the clocks go back an hour, and it’s a real case of ‘you snooze, you lose’. All the more reason we think to treat yourself to those extra few dreamy hours over the bank holiday weekend. So disarm the alarm, switch off the snooze button and say ‘Yes’ to that afternoon nap. Sweet dreams!

Hang out with your mates


Getting the whole squad together can be a real tough one these days. But when you’ve all been working so hard it’s about time you played hard too. Easter weekend is the perfect time to get the gang back together for some quality time. And whether it’s partying or paintball, we’ve even worked out some mates’ rates for you, too!

Show some love


Flickr: boorapper

If your better half has had to deal with some stress-induced tantrums or your flatmates are tip-toeing around mood swings that aren’t making the house such a playground, then it’s time to suck it up and show some love. A cuddle, a cookie, a catch-up, something to show how much you care goes a long way.

Don’t let the weather spoil your fun


Let’s face it, British weather is about as reliable as delivering lettuce via bunny rabbits. But that shouldn’t stop you from having your fun! Don’t let the rain dampen your plans for a day out, or the clouds cast a shadow over your anticipated adventure. Slip on the wellies, pack the brolly and proceed full steam ahead!

Pamper yourself



Do we really need to explain this one? Just look at this little guy, wearing his crown and rocking it. Time to treat yourself like the prince/princess you are, with whatever TLC treat that takes your fancy, no excuses needed.

Leave the stress in the office


No matter what is going on at work, make sure you leave the stress behind and chill out. Deadlines? Spreadsheets? Lunch at your desk? Once you step out that office, don’t look back. Enjoy your free time and make the most of it. Recline and relaaaaax…

Go on an adventure


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We’re not saying you need to book a one-way flight to a city you can’t even pronounce, but planning a new adventure not only gives you something to look forward to, it lets you get out of your normal routine (even if it’s only for a little while). Try that new restaurant, explore a new part of your local area, or plan a mini road trip with your friends. Whatever it is, pack your things and make sure you look as cute as this fluffy dream while doing so…

And finally… just smile!