Get Your Skelet-On This Halloween!


It sucks when you know you’re too old for trick or treating, but still get more excited than kids when the day arrives. Luckily, God (or someone) invented clubs, house parties, gatherings and most of all, booze, so us ‘adults’ can still have a good time come 31st October.

When it comes to costumes there are endless possibilities. Do we impersonate our favourite celeb, team up with friends or corner our boyfriends and force them to match us because it’d look ‘so Instagram’?! Reality is, unless you’re a secret makeup artist or have pockets full of cash, these ideas are actually pretty hard. So today post we’re taking things back to the noughties with a super simple yet super effective skeleton look. Whether you’re at university, have a work night out planned or are keeping it indoors this year, hopefully we can inspire you!

All you need for this ghoul-proof Day of the Dead makeup look is white foundation, black eyeliner and eyeshadow and some bright colours. Begin by making your face look as deathly pale as possible. Next, it’s all about the eyes; we found that filling in your eyes in with black eyeshadow first worked best. Then get to work on the details – flower petals, a sharp nose and of course, stitched lips. From there the rest of the look is really down to you – swap the spider web for some rose petals, or amp things up with a flower crown and gothic dress. We’ve got all the tricks (and treats)!

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