Cosplay on a Dime


If you’re anything like me and love cosplay but can’t spare the cash, this blog will give you a different perspective on how you approach your costumes. Be it an upcoming Halloween party, Comic Con or you just want to keep your Insta posts on point, if you’re a cheap cosplay queen like me then this should give you some inspiration for quick alternatives for your looks.

One of the top favourites this season is our beloved IT. Whether you stay loyal to the Tim Curry version or prefer its latest incarnation, the costume is of grave importance and there’s plenty of ways you can achieve the look. Since lots of cheap make-up is some of our go-to’s and seems to be at hand, you’ll be done in minutes. If you’re looking to tap into your water fantasy look, the go-to method is fishnet tights… What they won’t tell you is how much to apply for a sleek effect. Take a peek at some of our make-up essentials to give you a creative boost.


If you’re willing to go the extra mile, grab some home essentials like these:

  1. Red Tights
  2. Red body paint & paint in general
  3. Googles
  4. Gloves and bottle caps

The rest is pretty self-explanatory – all you have to do is make everything RED. For the oversized hand I committed to gluing three bottle caps on the knuckles and a hefty amount of papier-mâché to create the bulk of the hand. Pop on some details and a black coat and you’ll be able to blend yourself in with the pros.

It’s creating the illusion that you know what you’re doing that counts.


Fallout Girl

Or if you have some simple dungarees and yellow tape to hand, AND happen to be a fan of Fallout, make-shift your own quirky number. It’s the taking part that counts after all!



Vintage Aquawoman

Taking a cue from our beloved 60s hero Aquaman, I made a quick trip to the charity shop and blended together a pin-up Aquawoman to remember. Because when in doubt, just give it a vintage touch…

Once you get the colour codes down, you’ll be sure to find some pieces to throw together! Spiderman would of course be red & blue and Wolverine would be black & yellow… And let’s face it, we all want to try and blend in with the Marvel Universe.


There’s no rules to what you can or cannot wear at comic con and seeing as it’s almost the spooky season, why not dish out some Halloween attire?


Or better yet, give yourself the Steampunk treatment…



There’s no limitations on what your cosplay should be or what it should look like. The whole point is to have fun and celebrate your craft. Sure, mine are normally half-arsed attempts, but if you can rock it why not! It’ll also become a funny conversation starter when you tell people your investment in your cosplay had you saving money.